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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NY Here I Come!

Can you hear that? Can you feel that? Can you see it? Well if you can't then you don't have it right now! What the hell is dat bwoy Stunner talking about? Well, as of today I am officially on VACATION!!! Yes my friends, no work, no reluctantly leaving my house to go to my place of employment, sleeping as late as I want, staying up as late as I want and the time to do whatever I want including just lazing around. Well, this is my second vacation of the year, the first I spent it in Jamaica so now it's off to New York! So I will be leaving the rock bright and early tomorrow morning destined for the Big Apple.

I think though that sometimes, I am a sadistic person who love to inflict pain and suffering on myself. Well, I must be, because once again I am taking Air Jamaica, which means I will be subjecting myself to the possibly of lengthy delays and the resultant frustration and aggravated mental state. Fortunately I can convince myself that I am not as being a struggling young professional (just like the phrase), Air Jamaica had the best price of all the airlines at the time for the period I wanted to travel. So due to my financial disadvantaged state, I have to pt up with the Air Jamaica foolishness to get to my destination.

Delays or not I have to get up by 5 am for my 7:30 am flight, yes that's the cheapest fare I could get as Air Jamaica flights have different prices for the same day. So I need to go pack... no mi nuh pack yet. Since I am on vacation, I should have more time to blog, well... between shopping and having fun. So until I next drop a post, wish me a safe flight!

9 commented:

I'm getting the feeling you are not so struggling after all
why only last year I was telling you to pick up some roti somewhere in NYC. Can't tell when last I could fly somewhere on a real vacation that wasn't supplemented by someone kind--or turned a work trip into a vacation on the side. Tell us your secret.

Bon Voyage...nice up yuhself mi bredda, all work an' no play mek Jack dull, dull, dull...if I coulda tek weh mi self to I woulda:)

Hmprh! Show off!

Remember to take in a poetry slam, and tell me all about it!

safe flight and happy vacay... u take the envy of the blogosphere wit

Have fun in the States!
One of these times you'll have to lay over in Mpls.

Babes...did u type this in the dark? Hmmmm...anyway, can't wait for your arrival in the Big Apple...:) Let's hope you have a blast on this trip because you deserve it! See ya soon!!!!!

Have a great vacation in NY

have a ball you and Anonymous:)