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Saturday, August 02, 2008

From NY to FL

So as mentioned in my previous post my trip was to New York and I in fact was I New York. However, as I type this post I am near Fort Lauderdale in Florida! How could this be you may ask? Is Stunner on a our of the US? Well, it seems my family had schemed behind my back and planned a surprise trip to Florida to spend a week at my Aunts House here in Florida.

This is really my fist time to Florida even though I have been to the US ons several occasions. It's pretty differen from New York. A lot of palm trees and lakes, not as much high rise buildings and of course much better looking houses that the monstrosity they call houses in New York. My aunt lives right on a lake, so I am exposed to all kinds of wild life, fish, dragonflies, birds, ducks, toads and even iguanas! I have taken a few pictures but it seems during my absentmindedness, I forgot my camera cable when I was packing to come up from Jamaica. But don't worry I will share those photos with you.

Well I'm off, enjoy your weekend, especially those who are at ATI or RTI, whatever the name is!

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Enjoy the SUNSHINE STATE star!!Nuff respect!

Enjoy the SUNSHINE STATE star!!Nuff Respect!

waiting on those pics ... so hold on is only rti and ati on this week end what about festival activities ... Mello Go Round ... fi real

Bobby, give us a write up on those events nuh?


@Bobby: Welcome back to blogland star! Well yes there are other activities, but I have always wanted to sample ATI/RTI.

@MB: What going on in Cayman for Emancipation day?

sounds like UR fulljoying yourself. How is the weather in FL. I heard it is very hot.

Florida is much prettier than than some northern states. Now yu goin' luv off Florida an' start give New York bun.

ciao bobby

saluti da scorzè, vicino a Venezia

Dayum man. What is it with us forgetting our cables for our digital cameras. I just did the same thing when i went to Comic Con. But pictures to come for me also friend. Glad that you got surprised like that. That was cool...

You know, I truly don't understand why people like florida. Beyond the weather, the natural environment (what's left after all the development...) and geofrey philps [:-)]that place is practically a cultural wasteland, and Broward County is SUCH a haven for reactionary Jamaicans!! I really not leaving Jamaica to go no whe fi go deal with the same set o people, except dem deh one deh tink dem reach some whey. I just can't tek dat place.

Ok, so I strongly dislike Florida; it has nothing on New York, I tell you - and you clearly haven't SEEN New York to be able to appreciate :-).

Ok. Have a good time. And please don't sit in the house and watch tv and play video games all day. If you can, make sure you go to visit the most southern point of miami and the state of florida; its in a state park out the other end of some hoitytoity island community. Its lovely there.

Hmprh. Still showing off, I see, as you galliovant and prance all 'bout the place.

Hmprh. I shall now exit, seething in envy.

Awesome trip. Enjoy Fl. Watch out for the Gators.

Hope you took a certain somebody on the trip too.

Have a ball..never been to Florida but one day I just might take the plunge