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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurricane Watch!

Once again we are in the active part of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and it certainly is proving to be more active than earlier in the season. Fay skimmed us a few days ago amidst our Olympic fever. However, there is a new threat, Gustav which has strengthen from a tropical depression to a category 1 hurricane in just 2 days. To keep you all up to date with the progression of the hurricane, I have posed below live feeds to track the hurricane. I have included satellite images from two weather websites so you can get updates from more than one source all in one place.

National Weather Serivce
Hopefully this one misses us and doesn't do too much damage to our neighbouring islands.

12 commented:

mr. gustav, im planning on going to do my hair later so i can go out on a date tomoro and i wudnt want you to mess it up thank you very much

Lawd, I fretting. My likle rock cant tek much more, and again, I am still suffering from post traumatic ivan syndrome.

aww @MA. More woes with this hurricane season? Lawd me nuh able... I will not have it, I say!!

Thanks fi the hurricane watch star!Bwoy, da one ya( GUSTAV) look like wi a guh get some a it.Hopefully,it no do nuh whol heap a damage.Star, mi roof caan tek nuh more hurricane!!ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID

Be safe and don't forget to keep your head down.

@ pepper - I cannot stop cracking up at that avatar!

For some reason, de name Gustav reminds mi of de name Gilbert -- hopefully, de similarities end wid de initial.

hope Gustav stay far from Jamaica

It's like as soon as you recover from one there's another...

Was this a fluke to skip a day off work and spend the last of our pay on candles and corned beef? Why is the hurricane/ storm not here yet? I need another day off.

I just saw the latest projected path. I'm no meteorologist but I doubt the fishermen will even have to come ashore.

soooooooo....di LIKKLE bit a rain weh fall inna HWT this morning wet mi and pwile up mi hair..

it cudnt wait till likkle lata inna di day when mi get my cyar....struups

@blah....glad u like :D

A thousand pardons for underestimating you earlier. Please look favourably on our little island and keep the huffing and puffing to a minimum.

Best Regards,