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Monday, August 25, 2008

Usain Bolt Celebrates Early ... Very Early

My coworker emailed this video to me today, which is a comical remake of Usain Bolt's 100 meter Olympic record. I found it quite funny, even they are poking fun at Bolt. But I guess we have to have laugh sometimes even of such great moments. Hope you like it.

11 commented:

It not playing on this comp..will check it at home

I hope he can laugh at himself.

that was a good one.

Didn't find it funny at all....lef' di yout mek him celebrate any way him many 22 year olds can claim to be the fastest man in the world. No amount of satiric garbage can take that away from him....on another note though, the only thing I would change is the "accent" that I hear him with now.

Him keep de phone same place where him keep de champagne:) Grab de publicity, Usain, C'bean champions nuh usually get this level a coverage.

Cho! Dem lef' out de part when im run go Faiths Pen go get some jerk pork an roas' yam an come back. Very funny!

so errrrmmm....whe exactly him keep di cell phone and di champagne?

ROFLMAO... DWL!! Yo, that was hilarious...

But if I hear another American with that crappy fake Jamaican accent... (no Caribbean island dont like that!!)

And ironically enough, Usain have Merican accent alla sudden! Funny world, I tell you, funny world