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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav, The Aftermath

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It's a nice bright sunny morning here in Kingston today, well, apart from intermittent showers. Quiet a drastic contrast it is compared to yesterday morning when rain pelted the island and wind lashed violently. From the comfort of my apartment it seemed things were not too bad at all, I only had to contend with a little water trying to infiltrate my apartment under my door. However, I was quite amazed at the destruction then Tropical Storm Gustav wreaked across the island! It was a rather rude awakening when I sat down to watch the news on both TVJ and CVM, as the reported wide scale flooding, landslides, destroyed canals and roadways, damaged and destroyed houses, stranded people and last but not least, loss of lives. If a tropical storm did so much, I don't even want to imagine what would happened if Gustav hit us at Hurricane strength! Hopefully we can recover from this blow quickly, and I guess we can still count our blessings as it could be worse.

Gustav is now a little distance away form our neighbor the Cayman islands and now stronger than ever at Cat 3 with 120 mph winds! It is now on on a track to Cuba as it gains more power from the warm Caribbean Sea. Hopefully our friends in the Cayman islands didn't fare to badly as Gustav hit at about a Cat 2. All eyes are on Gustav still, as it certainly has captured every one's attention since its birth and rapid growth couples with its ever increasing strength. The northern tip of Cuba is next and then it will have it's eyes set on the United States south coast. Even if Cuba weakens this system, it has ample time and fuel to regain its strength and get even stronger when it enters the warm Gulf of Mexico.

I have seen that some of my fellow Jamaican bloggers made it through the storm pretty OK. I am hoping to hear from the rest and also from our Cayman bloggers. I actually went in to work on Friday evening until this morning, wasn't too bad as most things were accounted for by the previous team, but mi want fi sleep yah now! Hope all is well with everyone.

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Bwoy... me end up without light or water after Gustav. Sorry fi the people weh never take it serious because it was "just a tropical storm"... worse me sorry fi Cuba and Cayman Island... and Merica ago get it a bout Category 5... lawd have mercy!

You went to work???

Glad to know you're okay. It's really heartbreaking to see the devastation that has befallen some of our fellow Jamaicans.

Glad everything is okay. I'm checking on folks. Some place are still not clear yet.

Motty Perkins on de radio always said is not de hurricane that cause de loss of life, it's poverty. 'Cause it's de least secure locations that result in de worst casualties. Soh it goh anyway, but mi thank God yu awright.

I didnt even realise Gustav was doing so much damage in Ja until on emy friends alerted me.Glad you ok

All is well from our end. Gus passed right in the middle of the two islands..minor damage, power out in some locations, but for the most part, we are decreeing that Gus was a sissy, Ivan being our ultimate yardstick.

Well, it lightened up before hitting the U.S.

It seems like the heavy rains,more thanthe winds, in Ja make verything dangerous from the rivers to the hillsides.