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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On Monday afternoon, I finally parted with my long time friend and travel partner. She was there for me through rain or shine on good roads and on bad roads. But at sometime, even though you have a good relationship, in relationships like this there comes a time when you have to go your separate ways. And I think that time had come, it was time for my new vehicle. So I decided to finally sell my 1998 Honda Civic Ferio and trade in for a 2004 Honda Civic VTI. I know I said before that I wanted the newer shape 2005/2006 civic, but with this salary that just would never be possible. And with that in mind, I do what I have learned to do in my two plus decades of life, lower my expectations for the time being. Even though at nights I dream endless dreams of owning one of those civics on the wide open road. [Sigh] But this will have to do for now, I definitely can't go up into that two million dollars bracket!

So, I am now officially a "walk-foot" (Definition, a person without their own mode of transportation) as of Monday afternoon. I just can't picture myself taking the bus once again, the thought of being squashed by a big fat woman, rubbing up against sweaty, musky people, standing and swaying as the bus drives and stops and worse of all enduring those "bus preachers" shouting on the top of their voices scares the hell out of me! But it's good to have coworkers that drive and to live in a central location. I get to sponge off on them for a ride to and from work. Only problem is that I have to work with their schedule and I pretty much am stuck at home.

I hope to have the new ride by this weekend and I am pretty anxious to jump around that steering wheel and rev it out on the open road! And even more anxious to have my freedom of movement! So until then I anticipate getting my new ride.

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Been there and done that. I am impatient so the hardest part was being subject to other people's time...In just a few days though, you will return to being one of those "Honda drivers" again so for now I am happy there is one less on the road :)

BTW, I am amazed at your 2 decades plus of wisdom.....that was funny as heck.

i can see it was hard to let go...

join the club, lol... I imagine, though, that the terror is increased by lack of experience

Congrats! I need a new car too. But I hated parting with my raggedy truck.

so the i is ah ardent honda fan .... we should hook up and talk cars one day .... hope to see a picture of it when you get it

I would be so loss if i had to take bus ...have no clue where to, how to or which??? the thought scares me

Been there done that! So yu a small up yuh self big man!!Nuff respect!!

"I've learned to lower my expectations." LOL! What a philosophy fi a young smaddy! Congrats on de upgrade (it's definitely a nice model, even if it's not yu dream car), an' weekend soon come!

I 'memba the picture of the car that you had post up as your ideal. Good to know that you doh hang your hat where you cant reach steps...

Hope you get your wheels soon.This bus thing won't work

I could never do without a car ... never ... NEVER.

I Know bout dem "walk foot" days. I hope you get your car soon. I remember standing at CrossRoads, waiting for the school bus, and then hoping I didn't smell like the person I was squeezed into the bus with when I got off.


didn't know ppl preached on the bus
but I don't envy you
all the best til the new ride is ready

Okay, you fooled me, thought you were talking about a woman.

I thought so too princessdominique. Reminded me of the saying that a man treats his woman the way he does his car.

man what was wrong with your old car? was it broken? you could probably get the new one if you waited a couple months