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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ring, Ring...

On Sunday I went to a graduation ceremony and dinner and during the entire programme all I could hear was the ringing of cellphones and various songs that were selected as ring tunes. This is not the first time I have been to a function and was totally annoyed by the ringing of cellphones interrupting everyone. I mean come on, at this time and age when cellphones have been around for such a long time and people still can't figure out how to silent their phones? People can't get it through their heads that it is a common courtesy to silence their phones when at a function?

I was at my Cousin's funeral some time ago, when the entire sermon was being punctuated and interrupted by the loud ringing of cellphones. And even after the admonition of the pastor to silence or turn off the phones just till the end of the programme, there was another cellphone ringing, and then another. I was so annoyed, that in the midst of my grieving, these inconsiderate bastards didn't have the decency to be respectful and silence their damn phones. I would hate to think people are just so dumb to figure out how to silence their cellphone. Or so stupid to think that they should just silence their phones when they are at a function. Maybe it would be more comforting to think so, than to think people are just so callous and inconsiderate to the point where they deliberately leave their phones on knowing it would disturb the programme.

I always practice to silence my phone whenever I am at a function or at a meeting, I may forget sometimes, but fortunately I remember before it rings and silence it quickly. But the point is, i at least put out a conscientious effort not to disturb others with my cellphone. So it can't be that hard for people to just consider others, consider the other people in the audience trying to pay attention, consider the speaker who is trying his/her best to impart a delivery, be considerate enough to just slice the damn ra.. phone! I think meeting rooms and auditoriums need to have a signal scrambler or blocker to keep these annoying phones from ringing. If that can't be done, then at least, please make it legal to do this...

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I hear you, when its as simple as putting it on vibe then you don't miss any calls or can go outside to answer it. I think such persons are just without manners.

I could not agree with you anymore Stunner:) so so true. But i think they just don't know how to

It never ceases to amaze how peopleare soattachedtothe phones that they lose all sense.

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A judge once jailed 46 people after no one would confess whose cell phone had been ringing.
He was later removed from the bench.
Yes it's rude and disgusting but don't go getting locked up in your irritation.

phone attachment... now there's something to post about... it really is amazing. the phenomenon of how ppl can get so attached to cell phones that being without it is like life without air (overused cliche, esp. with Chris Brown and Sparkie's tune, I know).

It's simple lack of manners, and while an innocent few really do forget, the rest just don't give two red cents bout anything at all... And the the ring tone them soooo loud: "Easy now, no need fi gi down..."/// Munga: "Yeees yeah! It's the Munga honourable!"/// Beenie Man: "Pickney nah hold yuh down..." sooo annoying, sheesh!!

question is, can society keep up with the constant changes in technology .... i mean i see signs saying no phones but the same managers that put them up got them ringing and answering them.

For instance; in doctor office, my phone off, phone rings, guess whose and he answers it and i have to sit there and wait on him until he is thru talking ... grrr next time i visit my phone on.

I heard a phone "black berry" ring on CNN in the middle of an interview. I heard of phones ringing in the OR while doctors have patients on the table and even on local TV at press conferences.

No surprise church, graduations etc.

What they need the the GSM DISABLE DEM. This is a small device about the size of your cable box. It picks up all GSM signals and intercepts all incoming and out going. It can be set to automatically answer your calls, leave prank voice mails, run off your credit, even call your girlfriend with a prerecorded female voice and visi versa for woman :)

what is phone etiquette?

The worst part is people (Myself included) habve the funniest ring tones, that are jokes when you put it on, but oh so embarrasing when you can't find your phone and it is ringing its head off.....

That is friggin annoying indeed! And lets not mention the ass who decided to carry on a flicking CONVERSATION in the movies when his cell phone rang! Then, wanted to get hostile when I told him to take it outside! Prick!

I wish I could do what that old lady did, in similar situations. *sigh*

yah that is very annoying and very rude of the ppl who sit there and chat off them head like them nuh kno them a disturb...cant be serious.

they need to legalise the interceptor thing in certain areas for tru since ppl cant get the point