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Friday, September 05, 2008

Girl You Make My Day - Pull it Up!

My car loan finally got approved today, but I think it's a bit too late to get my car by this weekend though. But I will still put out a strong attempt to push through as much I can in an attempt to get my car. So I want to be up and out of here early tomorrow morning to get as much I can, because this walk-foot situation really not working out!

Well it's another Friday and the beginning of another weekend so I have to start the weekend right. I haven't posted any video from my Pull It Up series in a while, so I decided to break the spell today. This one is a blast way back in the past, from the early days of Buju Banton, way back in 1993, "Girl you Make My Day". Back then Buju B didn't have his locks and I doubt he even had facial has at all. But this was one of my favorite music videos back then. As you watch this video, I bet you can all guess why... yes you are right, the arrangement of the song and the lyrics are great! (LOL!)

Hope you enjoyed the video and have a great fun-filled weekend!

13 commented:

Boom chune, Buju did look soh cute -- de lyrics an' arrangement inna de bathsuit dem did cute too:) Stunner, yu know a roots reggae tune named "A Message of Love Again"? (That's de chorus, if that's de actual title, am tryin' to find it, dunno who sings it. Send mi likkle info if yu know it nuh, please. Enjoy yu weekend.

Thanks for the inspiration! You gave me today's great post at "Patience Is A Virtue"

Puuuuullll UUuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp!

What about the "browning" song?

Congrats on the new car to be. What is it, a Honda Civic, nuh? Give us a pic.

Nice tune, rude bwoy. I going to post one of buju's old tunes too, like CD did.

Actually, I see that CD posted an old Shabba song, so the meme must be to post an old song by an different artiste than the others who take part. Ok.... check mine out.

So Stunner, you soon stop small up yuh self pon di bus dem!!Respect star, enjoy the conveniences of ca car, because sum a dem bus a like di slave ships/Middle Passage.Demsuper cork/packed.ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID

Great song. Everything is arranged perfectly.

So, no bunions yet?

And, I cant hear or see nutting for I am at work! Cho!

This song always reminds me of my first clubbing experience in Toronto....

I mustbe too young/under-exposed to remember these "hits"... *big grin* not insinuatiing anythin...

Buju is my husband but he just don't know it yet