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Friday, September 12, 2008

Bus it!

Yes my friends that what I have been forced to do my the incompetent, imbeciles that call themselves car dealers. Up till now I haven't received the keys to my car due to the total lack of professionalism, stupidity and deceptiveness of the auto dealer that I bought the car from. So finally they got some customs paper they needed to get my motor vehicle fitness, yesterday. So today the will get the fitness, which I need to get my insurance, which I in turn need to get the motor vehicle registration, which I in turn need to get so the credit union will release the cheque, after which I will finally get the car. So that looks like about Monday before I get it, cho %!$!^&!@^*! Anyway, enough about that ra...

So yesterday I was forced to take the bus as I had business on the road that was long overdue. I must admit that it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. As I stepped out unto the main road and turned towards the bus stop there was a bus approaching so I lined up behind the other passengers boarding the bus, carefully observing their customs. this was my first time taking the bus since the implemented the new system of paying the driver instead of a conductor. The bus ride to Half Way tree was pretty quick and not bad at all as I had a seat. Not the air conditioned comfort that I am used to but it worked OK.

The bus

I was a budding with excitement as the bus turned in to the Half Way Tree Transport Centre, this was my first time in this impressive structure since it was constructed. I carefully observed as the bus pulled in, but kept myself in check as I didn't want to look too frighten. And of course I managed to capture a shot with my phone wile walking through the building. I was very impressed to see my fellow Jamaicans lining up to enter the bus and even more surprised to see everyone lined up at the bus that didn't have a driver in it! No one entered the bus even though the bus door was wide open! I can't believe it! Jamaicans acting civilized and orderly... in Jamaica!

The Half Way Tree Transport Centre

After conducting my business in Half Wat Tree, I headed up Hope Road to catch a taxi to New Kingston to finish my transactions. While walking up the road I heard a shout, "Brown man! New Kingston? Brown man!" It was a taxi going in the opposite direction destined to New Kingston, so I hopped on to the taxi which had only two more passengers and off I went to New Kingston.

The Taxi

After I was through in New Kingston, I decided to just walk back to my office on Half Way Tree Road. It's not that far, after all it would be a good opportunity to take a relaxing walk through Emancipation Park.

Emancipation Park

Overall, my return to public transportation wasn't too bad at all... maybe I'll take it more often... or maybe not, nothing like the comfort of my own car and AC blowing in my face.

17 commented:

Jamaicans acting civilized and orderly... in Jamaica!
Priceless I tell you, priceless!!

haha, somebody glad bag buss! Yes people are not as aggressive anymore when taking the bus, especially in the bus park. The buses are usually on time so people no longer have to wait donkey years to go home. It's funny hearing Mr. Odigo saying "dollar sign etc etc".

The taxi loaders call me browning.

Awwww the bussy bus...did you enjoy it?

Thanks for sharing this positive experience which we don't hear too much about here. Great that the transportation system actually functions and people behave in a civilized and orderly manner...just proves that it is possible for things to work here.

as a yute who tek nuff bus nuff time. Great post and pics. I never been inside TC it looks nice. Things are not always how we think

That bus doh look like the standard expected: "Seating: 50; Standing: 200". IT look dyam good.

you car people spoilt ya kno :-)

lol the AC busses are much better. Tami must be talking bout those comin gon time cus those other ones always slow...hmph

but yeah i told you the bus system wadnt that bad! :)

happily i have left it behind once more tho

LOL @ Jdid. Nice to hear the positivity yes! Next time I pass thru, I may give the bus a test.

you almost make me wanna revisit the bus..almost

The bus depot looks so confusing. I haven't ridden a Jamaican bus in eons. I wouldn't know how to act.
I was glad to know the folks wasn't carrying their basket of mackrel on the bus and pushing and shoving.

bwoy Jamaica come a long way suh.

Hey Stunner I left a blogger award for you on my site.


See what happen when car does spoil yuh? LOL. Hope you get that car soon.

"I can't believe it! Jamaicans acting civilized and orderly... in Jamaica!"


Good luck getting your car, sucks that you've had so many problems.

hmm.. need to give the transport centre a try. I was just a surprised the last time I took the bus.

Another thing we can get a big sticky for is that the big screen is still standing in Halway-Tree.

Hats off to you. Nobody could pay me to go on a bus. Your experience sounds much improved from what I'm used to when taking a bus so maybe, maybe, for the right price, I'll try it.

We do have it in us to behave civilized, given the right environment.

@ Jacqueline Smith ... fi real. That is worth mentioning.

Good for you! I happen to love taking the bus, as long as I'm not in a hurry. The looks from the stylists and clients at my hairdress when I get off the bus at old hope road and walk off the road - as opposed to stepping out of a car - are priceless!

The systems are improving and so there's no reason not to use it. We are actively killing ourselves and our country with this manufactured car dependence (I find car dealers to be an odious lot.) We need to start acting our longterm self-interest, and that includes asking for and using more efficient public transportation.