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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mobile Again!!!

Have no fear Stunner is here! No I wasn't captured by big breasted aliens from a strange female filled planet, who conducted several pleasureful experiments on me. I just have been a bit busy... and lazy for the past week. But now I'm back and also baring good news.

After waiting for what seemed an eternity, I finally got my new ride! It was like torture waiting to get my car. I felt so immobile, having to rely on public transportation to take me to and fro. But that is no more, the Stunner is back on the road. Even though I wanted to 2005 new shape civic, I had to change my plans and opt for the 2004 Civic. But I'm not disappointed anymore at all. The car does look pretty decent, considering that it is the VTI model. Any shred of disappointment and heartbreak I felt about not getting to 2005 new shape Civic was blown away with the wind when I felt the power as I increased the rev on the engine. It was like music to my ears to hear the VTECH engine roar! I know I make it sound like a formula one car, but compared to the 1998 Civic Ferio, the 2004 is just that. The new ride has much more room than the previous one and offered a whole new level of comfort with stronger suspension, a pretty appealing dashboard and of course the leather interior! So I guess the 2004 Civic VTI is a decent ride after all.

I got Tuesday of last week and drove home in comfort after about 2 weeks of sponging, taking the taxi and bussing it. Then immediately I had to go get an alarm installed for some kind of pseudo peace of mind. The windows were not tinted and it was pretty uncomfortable driving with clear windows. My previous car was tinted... well dark. So this was not something I was used to, so last Saturday I went to the tint shop to have the windows tinted. I didn't get it as dark as my previous car, but just dark enough to have some privacy and to keep the inside of the car somewhat cooler. The only thing I will add to the car next is 2 fog lamps and I'm done, no whole heap of modifications for me at all! The car price was enough to keep me at bay.

So let me not let you wait anymore,


Let me introduce you to the new,


Stunnermobile (aka Stunner II)!!!!

17 commented:

there's no law about tinting your windows? I guess even if there is nobody cares huh
anyway--congrats on the car and the tint
happy trails

Those cars are so popular now, they are like corrollas.

Either way, u better than me still. Thumbs up dude.

Bap bap! Stunner in style!!

*Rolls eyes at drumroll and stunnermobile* Dramatic!


Congrats on the new cyar. Now somebody else can sponge pon yu fi get a ride.

@GC:Well, it is not supposed to be too dark. But it is not exactly totally dark as I did a little photo shop work on the picture. But the police don't really stress you for tint on your private cars here.

Jdid: Thanks.

Tami: Well I guess that's what happens when the price falls on a particular model. If it didn't I would never have been able to afford it. But seriously, nothing nuh common like Corollas my girl!

Ruthibelle: LOL! I had to add some excitement!

Dutty : Thanks. Yeah at least I can now return the favour.

Congrats!!! I can hear the relief. :)

Man deh a road again...Big up...I will beware of all black Honda Civics on the road from this day forward and pray that one, just one Honda driver, can do just

BTW pity you weren't kidnapped.

I was this | | close to getting one of those. yup they is common

Great! The stress of immobility is gone, but now you can go spend out your money on gas.

Noice. Mi ride sure when mi land in Jamdown:)

Hey same colour like mines guess you got grey interior .... welcome to the club again ....

i totally believe that the front door glasses should be lightly tinted for your own safety and security

BTW is it CVT or the normal gear transmission and when you gonna go 16" on the rims

@ Jamaican Dawta: thanks!

@Emanicipated?: Yes I man back on di road in full force! And yes there are Honda drivers who can drive, including yours truly! Pitty i wasn't.

@owen: So why didn't you? It feel nice!

@Long: the gas money high, but the comfort of your own vehicle, especially when the sun hot is something hard to give up.

@Abeni: Of course! Front seat too!

@Bobby: yeah, gray interior. Weather it tinted or not, doesn't make a difference these days. but it actually not all that dark, if you are close to it you can see inside. I think it is CVT, aren't the Vti's CVT? It changes out smoothly. Just send on the money and I'll go even 17's, lol!