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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back in the Big Apple from the Sunshine State

My week in Florida came to an end on Wednesday when I headed back to the Big Apple New York! However, I did have a great last few days in Florida, which added a high note to my Florida trip. Here is the recap.

Saturday Cookout
On Saturday, the family decided to have a cookout as apart from me, my sis and my nephew, my other aunt and her son was also there as well as other relatives. So we had a grand cookout, with barbecue chicken and spare ribs, potato salad, rice and peas, garden salad, corn, well you get the picture. Well of course you do, they are posted below. Let me just state for the record, "I have gained over five pounds thus far!"

Independence Show
On Sunday I was off to West palm Beach, to attend a Jamaican Independence show, that was put on by an active Jamaican diaspora group in Florida. The air was abuzz with the chatter of Jamaicans from all over, punctuated with American accents every so often. There were stalls all over that featured various Jamaican dishes to tantalize the appetite. I had myself some fried fish, with escoveitch sauce, festival and some cool Red Stripe beer to wash it down. Then it was time for the stage show, which featured some local upcoming artistes from Florida. But this was just an interlude to the real acts for the night, which included the likes of Wayne Wonder and Freddie McGreggor. Below is a part of Wayne Wonder's performance that I recorded on my camera from some distance away. Hope you can enjoy it.

More Shopping!
Ever couple of days, I went to a mall or two to browse though and also to get some of the items I had on my list. I didn't do a whole lot of shopping, but I did manage to get a few shirts and a jeans on sale, as well as a Sketchers slippers on a clearance sale.

Game Shark!
On Tuesday, the day before I departed I was treated to a night at Dave and Buster! I was like a big excited kid, as I explored wide-eyed, playing game after game, after game, after game! Car race, bike race, ski race, shooting games and even an interactive boxing game, you name it, I play it! It was totally fun for me, as I have never been to a game place of this magnitude, with these types of game before. I guess, one can't get to old for the kid inside!

So that was it in a nutshell, and now I'm back in New York trying to soak up the last week of my vacation. If only life could be a vacation [sigh].

Following up on my previous post, the entertainment industry has suffered another loss within a day of Bernie Mac's death with the passing of Isaac Hayes.

A cultural icon like Isaac Hayes will be missed.

7 commented:

Florida is a place wid much to see an' do, eh -- at least sometimes (for a perennial tourist like me). It still can't compete wid de C'bean though. Fort Lauderdale have Air J jerk fest comin' up in a couple months' time. If yu reach back fi dat, yu woulda prob'ly enjoy it. Me & family thinkin' of it wi-self.

Im working on opening somethign similar to Dave and Buster's here, only it will be for adults and a chucky cheeses forthe kds, wat u think?

Seems like you had loads of fun.Am surprised you only gained 5 lbs:)

LOL...I love the before and after picture! Lawd, looks like some rabid chawing went on wid de bone dem!!

Ciao dall'Italia!
Visita il mio blog.

5lbs, huh??! LOL @ before and after pics

you've been having a great time. How come you get so much time off?
what are you, the CEO?