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Saturday, August 16, 2008

A "Bolt" of Lightning Strikes Beijing!

I know that several bloggers have already posted about this, but how could I not join in the throng of proud bloggers in saluting such a remarkable, record breaking performance, finely executed by Usain Bolt?

This was definitely a well anticipated race as it featured the 100m world record holder and Usain Bolt, former 100m record holder Asafa Powell! As I watch the poised athletes, shoot out from from behind the starting line, a "Bolt" of lightning struck the tracks in the "Bird Nest" stadium in Beijing China, stunning the competing athletes and every singe spectator that stared in amazement! Usain Bold, sprinted like no one has ever sprinted before and snatched the 100m Gold record and smashing his own 100m world record that dethroned fellow athlete Asafa Powell with a bewildering 9.69 seconds.

The world breaking record was amazing but what was even more fascinating was the fact that Bolt slowed down and started to celebrate his victory from approximately the 80m mark! What the hell! can you imagine what the record would have been if he didn't ease up? Usain certainly could have never gotten a better last name, Bolt!

I am, however, disappointed with the performance of Asafa Powell, not because he didn't win, but because he didn't even medal. I was looking forward to seeing at least a Gold and Silver for this race. This is just like a rerun of his past performance in the last 100m Olympic final. It seems Asafa, even with his amazing speed, cannot outrun the power of his mind. And thus suffered greatly for this in the last Olympics and this one.

This race belongs to Usain Bolt, who made his country proud by winning the 100m Gold and breaking the world record once again. More interesting days ahead as our athletes pursue Olympic Gold!

14 commented:

More interesting days ahead indeed. As long as Bolt is in a race it's bound to be interesting, lol. Seriously tho, the big man deal with the ting, just tek it to them... yuh see him pop the nuh linga? Lawd, mi jus get up and join him! Him never linger at all!

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Sigh...lawd, I was proud of that young man!! nd props to the Trini who came out of left field, flying under the radar!! Wthsx people from the Caribbean in the race, I sooo wanted a Caribbean trinity, and was quite disgruntled when the American snuck in!

But, if Mr. Bolt did not give us all that he had, we can look forward to more record breaking performances from him!

Lawd, he did us proud! It was fantastic to watch!! And, what's up with the dances at the end??? Lawd. LOL!!!

So, national holiday in Jamiaca? Street parade? Statue in Hero's Square?

i'm realli proud of Usain...boy's got talent plus he's smart too...notice after he got to the 80m mark him just slow down and started celebrating? Lol! He could've ran a faster time but he's waiting on a next time so whenever he runs he'll b setting a record! First him slow down at the 80m mark, next is the 85m, then the 90m and so on and so forth! Lol! But a rate him! Him mek d whole a we proud!

Poor Asafa...Feel fuh him. seems he just not one for the big occasion eh

Well done Bolt

Jamaican women sweep 100m final.Shelley Ann Fraser winner in 10.78.Sherrone Simpson and Kerron Stewart dead heat for second.

Stunner, I don't think there is ever too much celebration, merry making and noise mekin (bloggin).

Bolt set a new standard and the world can stand up an take notice. Today I am a proud Jamaican like the many others, even prouder today as our women took the 100m in Olympic glory to much surprise.

thanks for the read.

Bolt represented us well! An' mi still luv Asafa! Asafa represent fi wi whole heap a time, so non-stop luv to Asafa same way.

WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!! say with me gold gold silver silver... 1-2-2 ... and more is still to come

lol I'm sure the office will be buzzing with this tomorrow. hopefully we do well in the 200m as well.

He made his country and his race proud.

I'm patiently waiting for the set of public holidays that i'm sure the Prime Minister is gonna announce.

So proud of Usain,I'm so happy for his personal achievement as well as the national one and I know he will continue to do well. The young man has no fear and was just as jovial as he wanna be and that's sooo cool! Asafa, we are also proud of you even though you didn't medal this time ,but for all the other times we thank you too!

Mi nah comment pan Asafa cause him jus' other way to put it...Bolt on the other hand did us proud and I can't wait to see him really set a world record....if he can take time out of his celebartion before crossing the line that is......big up too to Frater, he worked hard and did well.

Just to also note that I think Thompson will be one to watch...yes he's Trini, but we are one Caribbean and I like his vibe.

We now have the world's attention...."Welcome to Jamrock"

i read an article in which his father sed it was de trelawny yam power. sen some down to GT nah star lemme tes' it out nuh...