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Monday, August 18, 2008

Females Dominate 100!

Once again our Jamaican athletes made a memorable event that will be imprinted in the books of history, but this time for our strong female sprinters. Following closely on the ultimate victory of Ussain Bolt, our three 100m female finalists demonstrated total domination the event in an unprecedented way by being the first team in the history of the Olympics to claim one Gold and not only one Silver medal, but two Silver medals!

I must say congrats to Shelly-Ann Fraser for snatching the Gold and her compatriots Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart who held on to the historic double silver medal when they both crossed the finish line in second place. There in no doubt that Beijing and the entire Olympic audience is in shock and possible cardiac arrest after seeing the performance of Bolt and these three female champions.

It was such a wonderful sight to see all three women crossing the finish line claiming the much-coveted top positions. This was even further amplified at the awards ceremony when two Jamaican flags were raised and only one national anthem rang out in the immense stadium. Our athletes have made not only Jamaica proud so far, but the entire Caribbean community who celebrate with the victories of it’s individual islands. As I said in my last post and I will say it again, “More interesting days ahead as our athletes pursue Olympic Gold!”

8 commented:

REPRESENT! Can't forget de women!

I am expecting more medals from our ladies too, watch and see!

now if only the programming could synch with my schedule

You notice that the girls have taken most of the medals? :D