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Friday, August 15, 2008

Back from Foreign!

Yes my friends, as indicated by the song above, my tour in "Foreign" has come to an end and I'm back on Jamaican soil. Isn't it so fascinating how much time flies when you are on vacation and having fun? Now I'm back on the rock and with not even a second to spare as I am back on the daily grind for Backra Massa bright and early Saturday morning.

My Flight down wasn't too bad, where time was concerned. I had a connecting flight at Montego Bay and I experienced only an overall delay of about one and a half hours. The flight from New York to Montego Bay was operated by North American Airlines, an let me tell you I have never flown on a plane that made so many scary noises! I staying far from dem old plane deh! I even experienced some serious turbulence that spilled about a quarter of my coffee and mimosa! One thing I have noticed though from my flights on North American and Delta Airlines is that their pilots don't fly as gently as our Air Jamaica pilots. Maybe it's just my imagination, but those pilots rough wid the landing. An Air Jamaica "loyal" passenger like me not used to such rough treatment.

Anyway I have work in the morning suh m nah tarry!

6 commented:

Air Jamaica loyalist?? LOL, since when?

LOL! Note the quotations, "loyal".

<3 the song.. welcome back.

You are entertaining....good selection....haven't heard that one in a while.

I didn't realize you were back.
oh well.
I think you're right about those landings. I think it's a matter of pride in a job well done--except when there's low visibility/weather of course.