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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Gold Rush Continues!!!

Once again, the bird nest Stadium shakes with excitement and great track performances! I know it seems all I have been posting about is the Olympics. But I just can help it! how could I contain the jubilant feeling I have inside when I witness the Jamaica team capture one medal after the next especially the well envied goal medal!

Early yesterday morning local time Veronica Campbell-Brown certainly delivered a great performance as she raced to victory in the women's 200 meter finals and claiming the gold medal. She ran through the race powerfully and confidently from start to finish and it certainly paid off! Congratulations to Veronica Campbell Brown on winning the 200 meter sprint in 21.74 seconds and making her country even more proud!

This morning was no different from yesterday as I was just as filled with anticipation and excitement as yesterday or maybe even more. I am sure the entire Jamaica was feeling the same way. Why? It was the finals for both the female 100 meter relays and the men's 100 meter relays! i was on my way to work when the female race began, as some unknown anomaly messed with my alarm and I got up later than I should. I was looking forward to seeing another historic victory, to see Jamaica take home the gold once again. However, this was not to be, as I listened with horror when I heard that the Jamaica female team dropped the baton. My heart and no doubt the hearts of the entire Jamaican population sank when they witnessed this disappointment. This was indeed a great disappointment as we were all looking for another great gold. Nevertheless, I am still proud of the women, despite this mishap, they all still put on a great show and made our country proud in other events. Such is life, you win some, you loose some.

By the time I arrived at the office and gobbled down some breakfast, the excitement had already started to build, despite the earlier disappointment. Everyone was rearing to go as it was time for the 100 meter male relays. This was a promising race with the biggest track stars on the Jamaica team, the two fastest men in the world, Asafa and Bolt. We all kept our fingers crossed and prayed for safe baton changes, the speed of the athletes in the race was not of much concern as we knew they could deliver on that. Everyone was on their mark with the athletes, and the room was filled with noise as the gun went off, we were all shouting, cheering and beating the table as this will have to be the race to redeem our earlier emotions. Our men relay team certainly delivered and avenged the fate of the female team as the blasted through the finish line, claiming the gold medal and setting a new world record of 37.10 seconds! Congratulations to the men's 4x100 team on an amazing victory! I must also extent congrats to the Trinidad and Tobago team who fished second to claim the silver medal. the entire Caribbean must be feeling proud right now!

This has been such an exciting and record breaking Olympics for Jamaica and it is not yet over as, we still have a few more events to go. Hopefully we can do well in these event's and continue on our Gold rush!

9 commented:

Asafa redeemed himself too in de relay. Mi naw goh gyow yu, de disappointment over de women's error ruff, it really stung fi true, but wi can't be greedy. De C'bean represent nice inna de men's relay!

Proud of all of them- every one of them who competed, who made it to the finals, who didn't get past the heats, who got medals, who didn't get medals. They all did us so very proud.

Lawd, they brought me to tears. Magnificent performances all around! I was soooo proud!!

One my friends say "gold"ing inspired them:)

Cute pun, Kam, dem prob'ly right, eh.

I couldnt help it either... afterwhile me start wonder if me a publish exclusive Olympic blog... lol, but they did well, we proud, and well, we just love them too much fi not write bout it!

@teh Golding thing... *scoffs* hardly (no, ah not pnp... am on the fence)

I am visiting this post time. But seriously i like this post. i will share it too.