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Monday, March 16, 2009

Crossed the Finish Line at Sigma 2K9

Crowd at Emancipation Park after the race.

On Sunday I once again participated in the annual Sigma Corporate Run, a full five kilometer of rubber hitting hard tar in the heat of the morning sun. I wasn't as confident as I was a few weeks ago, as my training had been derailed by my recent winter vacation in New York. However, backing down was not an option. I would rather fall flat on my face and get hospitalised than not to show up and attempt the race. So at 5:30 am the alarm went off and I geared up in my shorts and running shoes to the song "Eye of the Tiger" resonating in my mind.

This year had a registration of approximately nine thousand people, even though only some of that number actually participated in the race. However, judging from the huge crowd it was hard to tell that it wasn't the full number of people. Knutsford Boulevard was crammed at the beginning of the race and immediately I had to mentally prepare myself to make my way through the huge throng of people covering the pavement with the soles of their running shoes. The race started as usual. a huge mas of people running out some at their top speed, then one by one they start slowing down to a laboured walk. But even then it was still hard to navigate my way around these sometimes mindless zombies drunk of exhaustion and the piercing morning sun. I persisted at a steady pace and kept on going using my breathing techniques.

By the time I reached over to Waterloo Road I had found myself a running partner, one of my coworkers who was steadily making her way along the route. As I ran she kept up with me and so I continued to keep my pace so I don't fall back. The sun was piercing and the pavement was hard, I felt breathless and my muscles cried out in pain but I persisted. The pressure finally got to me after running up Suthermiere Road and started the slight incline of Hope Road when my steady pace was interrupted by my body feeling like it was about to give way. At this point I slowed to a brisk walk, but this was short-lived, as I heard the call of another coworker and I began to run again trying to block out the agony my body was feeling. I guess that 2 weeks break was much more harmful than I thought!

Souvenirs from the race.

I persevered and found the energy to make a sprint... well kind of sprinted my way to the finish-line to make my photo finish in a spanking 34 minutes and 11 seconds. This placed me at position 385 out of a total of 1594 runners. Not too bad eh? Obviously I didn't medal, but I did get two souvenirs from the race. Well, I wanted to do better and would have if I had done more training, but if I am still employed to the company, I will do it again the next time around and even better my record.

10 commented:

You did good. :-)

I worked this year, so I'm looking forward to walking next year. 'Twas a great day and experience.

Congrats Stunner! I also plan on running next year. Maybe by then i'll be able to shave 10 mins off my time and do it in half an hour just like you.

congrats man, at least you started and finished. i wan;t even running and i was too lazy to wake up early enough to to watch and take pictures

Congratulations Stunner. Yu fit man!
A friend of mine ran and placed 52nd I think

Idren Stunner,

Nuff nuff RAS-pect to di I! You are to be congratulated on the endeavour.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

How dare you lambaste poor Gussie " navigate my way around these sometimes mindless zombies" you are funny too.

At least you entered the race and finished a decent 385:) Good going. I will hold you to finishing better next year.

you can enter as an individual so u have no excuse....nest year i want to see 20 mins

i'll be in my bed :)

Wow, look at all the things happening in Jamdown. I woulda join in too, but I woulda walking allowed? [I think walking is better for the heart].

You did good man. I won't even have finished:)