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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

D60 in the City

Time Square New York (taken with the Nikon D60)

Wow, it's amazing how quickly two weeks can go by when you are on vacation! It seems as if it was just a few days ago I stepped on American soil, and look I'm about to shake off the dust from my feet and head to my country of citizenship. But such is life, I guess the saying is true, "time really flies when you are having fun"... or not at work! However, this is not the end of my vacation as I don't go back to work until another week and a half. So I will still have time to relax and enjoy my new Nikon D60. The GF will be on vacation too so I will have company to go on my excursions, and I have noticed that she is slowly getting used to... or should I say tolerate my insatiable desire to take photographs of every and anything I see.

Exhibit at the Metropolitan of Art (taken with the Nikon D60 - no flash!)

I gave my camera a test run in the city and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday and it certainly lived up to my expectations! The camera even took great photos in low light conditions without the use of the flash. I took photos like crazy! I was snapping away like an excited little child with a brand new toy! But aren't we all like that when we get something we have been wanting? The camera has a lot of features, settings and controls, so I have a lot to learn. I have been reading the manual to familiarize myself with all these new, somewhat overwhelming features. But I guess it takes time, so as I learn I will experiment. I still haven't gotten myself the zoom lens as yet so I am still confined to closeup photos and portraits. Until I get the zoom lens my nature photography which involve animals will have to be put on hold as wild animals don't know how to just relax and pose for a picture! I am still hoping I will get it though... almost US$200 which is a lot of money in these hard times! Now I hope I'll get random people to pose for me so I can practice my portrait skills... better yet, any volunteers?

Now I need to get to the worse park of travelling, packing. It shouldn't be hard this time I didn't do much shopping, even though I do have several food items complements of my mother, sister and a family friend. So I will just have to ensure that none of the suitcases are overweight... this time!

6 commented:

Have a safe flight back home.

You know how when a jamaican family ready fi pack yuh up full a 'gift' with no thought of the overweight charges at the airprt... I hope you succeed in that endeavour.

And hey, me take picture ofe very living thing I see too... just smile and say cheese, world! LOL

Nice pics, don't forget your trunk of goodies for the folks back home...

@Jamaican Dawta: Thanks, got back a yard safely.

@Ruthibelle: Oh yes! And they surely did! I did get through customs without a hitch. We need to linkup for a photo day, lol.

@Crankyputz; Oh yeah I have brought back goodies, including goodies for by blog visitors. But shhhh, nuh tell nubaddy!

you got it! yippee
I'm a tad jealous. I'm still researching whether I want that or the xsi. last week i went into the camera store and got to hold them both and compare. still trying to decide. big decision mucho dinero

That D60 takes some nice pics!