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Saturday, March 14, 2009

JPS Again!

Yes my friends, I am back at Yard! I have been busy since I came back, not with work, but enjoying the local leg of my vacation. My flight down wasn't too bad at all, it actually left only a half hour late and I only experienced two incidents of turbulence during the entire flight. But I couldn't go to foreign and nuh bring back something fi mi friend dem who read my useless rambles about my life! I will let you know more about that in my next post, so stay tuned.

I just got a light bill a few days ago and my light bill went up, again! Now this is just crazy, considering the fact that I have been putting out even more effort to conserve. This evil utility company is seriously on a mission to rob people! I even just read an article in The Gleaner, saying that the Jamaica Public Service, JPS is now complaining that electricity theft is driving up the light bills! This could be true, but I'm just tired of hearing JPS complain and make excuses; if it's not oil prices it's the Jamaican Dollar, even hurricanes and now it's electricity theft. Yet I don't hear them trying to correct the over twenty percent loss they have in their inefficient and outdated transmission and generating systems. I think the picture above, that I found on The Gleaner's website sums up JPS' attitude. They are really changing lives with their energy... making us poorer!

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yes Stunner, they really changing lives with their energy, lol! Hush yaw... an fi tink a this yuh come home to when yuh suppose to a get a likkle break!

Idren Stunner,

Welcome home! Mi glad seh Jah cudda guide yu safely back.

JPS (Jus' Poor Service) ah go force mi fi go solar! The solar water heater was installed when the house was built in the late '90s. We didn't get electricity until mid-1999, and that was after complaining about an unsuccessful bribery attempt by a now former JPS employee.

When we finally did get electricity, our monthly bills ran around JA$1,500. Now they are as high as JA$12,500 per month! OUCH!!!

Mi haffi start use the blessings of wind and sunshine Jah send fi wi!

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

don't even get me started on dutty stinkin teifing JPS

JPS is always pulling something, unreal.

maybe doing something like this is the answer?

@Ruthibelle: Yuh see it!

@Lady Roots: Right now solar and wind power looking a whole lot more attractive.

@Jamaipanese: LOL!

@justacoolcat: Oh yes, they never seem to stop.

@Jamaica Salt:I read in The Gleaner that some people in Portmore are using some small wind turbines to power their homes. Sounds like a plan!