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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Congrats Titchfield!

I must say congratulations to my alma mater, Titchfiled High School, which made it to the fourth round, which I think is the quarter finals semi finals of the 40th TVJ School Challenge Quiz. I cannot recall since my years of knowing Titchfiled that it has reached this far... maybe it has. Nevertheless, it has always made it to at least the second round, but this as far as I know is the farthest they have gone in this competition. Tichfiled had defeated its opponents by large margins to make their way to the fourth round much to my delight! One of their victories was scoring 56 points and defeating their rival Spauldings High School (not a big school but dem nuh too bad) who got 23 points.

It is especially a great moment for me as I work in the city with coworkers who mostly attended the so-called "town schools" or the schools in Kingston and brag about their Kingston Collage (KC), Jamaica Collage (JC) and Calabar (Rabalac) conquests. It may not be the championship, but at least my "country school" made it very far this year. Even though they were defeated by Ardene, I hear as I didn't get to watch the match, I still am proud of my high school. What I am also happy to see, is that the team is a young team as most of the members I saw were below sixth form (12 grade). So if they keep working hard they may have a good change of going even further next year with the same team, provided they don't get the very experienced teams as the ones I mentioned above in the early rounds.

Once again, mi school, mi proud a yuh! Congratulations Titchfield High!

On another note, yes I know this is very unrelated, but I saw this picture of the Star Poster Girl and I must say that Ms. Kerry-Ann Thompson is looking fine! Haven't done this in a while so here is an eye-candy for the weekend. Wait!... hmm, I wonder if I could start a Stunner's Afflictions Poster Girl?

Enjoy the weekend peeps!

12 commented:

Yes! I was very proud of Titchfield making it to 4th place. It is an achievement. Usually it is the Munro's and Glenmuirs from the rural areas who make it this far! I posted on this too.

lamo, Stunner, so you're a product of Titchfield??

Congrats to your alma mater too.

I know them for their CRAZY cadet corp.. me being a former cadet miself and all (SMHS, lol)

Cool Destiny: So proud. I agree those schools are normally the only rural schools we hear reaching so far. This is a great achievement for Titchfield. I think SMHS is St. Mary High School... right Ruthibelle?

Ruthibelle: Yes I am, sounds strange doesn't it? You were expecting one of those big name schools like KC, JC, weren't you?

Hey my niece is in sixth form there koooool

Bigup to Titchfield! Yow, I hear say Ardenne has an all-girl team this year?! Is true? Wha mek? The bwoy dem weh go deh too fool-fool or wah?

It doesn't augur well for the future, man!

Oh yeh! I am totally for the "Stunner's Afflictions Poster Girl" thing, especially if is you take the picture dem, and if you manage to get some hot girls! Good luck!

Kerry-Ann hot like ten firesides!

Not that it has anything really to do with titchfield but when they "beat" clarendon college in the quarter finals 25-23, clarendon college had a rough time with the judges which resulted in an eight point swing, Clarendon college got their french question correct but they were ruled incorrect because they claim they dint make bon swahr (bonsoir) nasal enough.. utter foolishness especially if you watch the match

she looks familar hmmm...

Congrats ma boy..Well am a product of the biggest named school in SVG and always hated when the "country" school it wasn't too often.

Yes Mad Bull, all females on Ardenne going up against KC ... I hope Ardenne beat dem!

Hi, i am member of the Titchfield high school challenge quiz team, on contrary to cool destiny's comment, we were placed third, thanks for all your support though, we look forward to making you even more proud next year.