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Monday, March 23, 2009

Stunner Goes Wild at the Zoo!

A Flamingo at the Hope Zoo

Who knew that the Hope Zoo is still open to the public? Well, I didn't! The Hope Zoo has been under the radar for some time now, as it hasn't really been in the media and I couldn't recall hearing anyone talking about it for some time now. However, the GF wanted top visit the hope zoo as she hadn't been there since she was a child. I hadn't been there since I followed my collage roommate to his work-study programme when I was doing the diploma some ten years ago. I was all for it, even though I doubted that it was still open.

As I approached the Zoo I was somewhat reassured by the sight of vendors and a few vehicles parked at the entrance. I went up to the admissions desk and paid the nominal JM$80 entrance fee and we were on our way. However before I could enter I saw someone who I know from the gym, and it turns out he is a part of a team working to restore the Hope Zoo. It seems the government has allotted some money to restore not only the Hope Gardens, but also the Hope Zoo and they have already began the process. That restoration is greatly need for the zoo as it only has a few animals and minimal facilities to house more animals. A city like Kingston needs things like parks and zoos, not just for children and teens to explore, but even for us adults to just relax and appreciate nature.

Nonetheless, the time spent at the zoo was great, I got to see a few birds ranging from doves to peacocks, who were more than willing to strike a pose with their tail feathers spread. I also saw crocodiles, iguanas and snakes and even the graceful flamingos, but that was just some of the animals they have at the zoo. And as you would guess by now, I took the opportunity to exercise my photographic skills so much so that one of the iguanas made it quite clear that I was getting too close and taking to many photos. Overall, despite the obvious need for improvements, I enjoyed my visit to the Hope Zoo. I think I will revisit after the renovations and expansions are completed. Here are a few of the photos I took.

A peacock strutting his stuff.

Crocodiles chilling in their pool.

An iguana hanging out on a tree.

A Jamaican Yellow Snake.

Hope you all liked the sample of the photographs I took at the Hope Zoo. If you want to see more you can visit my photoblog as I will be posting some more photos there too. So if you haven't been to the Hope Zoo, or haven't been there in a while, you can make a trek up there and check out the animals for a few minutes.

14 commented:

I love the flamingo..Just beautiful!

I didn't even know that we had such luxuries as zoos in jamaica!

I went there shortly after my daughter was born .. I took a lot of pictures. Disappointed that there was no lion though as they had to put him to sleep.

Glad to hear that they are working on restoring the zoo. When I was a kid, our school would go to Coconut Park and the Zoo once a year.

i really need to visit there, Haven't been there in a looooooong time too. Great phot ops present no doubt

Very cool! I had no idea Ja had a zoo. Now I want to check it out.

Thanks for posting this Stunner. Some of my friends in the States use to ask me if Jamaica had a zoo or new what wild animals were...OF COURSE MON!

I remember going to the zoo (hope gardens) with my school (prep school). It was so much fun! glad to know they are trying to keep it up

I remember going there with my parents back in the 80's, and being excited at seeing the mangy mawga

Hope gardens was absolutely breathtaking. Do they still have the maze?

I visit the Hope Gardens all the time and when zoe was alive she used to love running on the grass. Can't wait for it to be completely renovated and have new animals to see.

Cool Destiny, what do mean put him to sleep. Why not just wake him up

Nice pics, love the peacocks....

wow the peacock is preeeeety
nice pics stunner

what? how long did you hang around for the peacock to do that?

The last time I went to that zoo was just before they put the lion down.. he was in very bad condition.. I need to go back soon.

Thanks everyone, glad you all liked the photos.

@Adrian: Didn't take long, they started to show off as they saw us.