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Monday, March 02, 2009


A view of the neighbours yard and the street.

Yes that's exactly how I would describe outside when I woke up this morning. Snow was everywhere, and not just light covering, several inches of snow! Snow was on the walkway, on the ground, on the trees, on the roofs, it was even on the windows trying to come in! I saw snow the last winter I came to New York but that was nothing compared to this.

My boots surrounded by walls of snow

I think the snow was over 6 inches high as my Tims sunk deeply in the white puffy layer of fluffy snow. It is not that bad to me right now, but I feel it for all those people who have to get out of bed and make their way to work in hostile, hazardous conditions like these. The most I did was to go outside to take a few pictures, and even that was hard. I only went out twice to take pictures. Why twice? Well within five minutes my hands were so cold and numb i couldn't even feel the shutter button! I have a greater appreciation for my climate now, as the most I have to face is heavy downpours of rain in the rainy season. Snow like this only serves on purpose, for couples to cuddle in bed and find ways to keep each other warm (wink wink).

Things should be warming up be the weekend, and I really hope it does as I have a few places to go and a few things to get before I fly out of this freezer to warmer temperatures.

PS: I will be posting more photos on my photoblog.

11 commented:

Heard the weather in NYC is terrible,

On the plus side TO is warming up, perhaps you should visit up here!

@Crankyputz: It was yesterday, and it's still cold today. TO, hmm, is that an invitation I hear?

Hmmm ... this reminds me of a old Jamaican phrase.
"Cockroach nuh business in a chicken fight"
Walk Good

Talk about a winter wonderland!

What you complaining bout weather for? Somebody will make it warm for you:)

oooo, seeing them pics sending chills down my spine. I hate cold weather; 2 Days ago we had a 'cold front' and i was in 3 outfits and socks, dare i say i didn't even want to take a shower. Sighs, hush.

Islander in the snow...never a good mix.

that likkle bit a snow is something :-)
come toronto star

I've never seen snow in real life. Wish I could see and touch it without the cold!