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Friday, March 06, 2009

Mr. Snowman and the Nikon D60

My first Snowman

Hail crowd of people! It seems as if I haven't dropped post in a while! So what have I been up to? Well, I went out into the snow that remained on the ground for some time after the storm, in fact there are still patches of snow all over the place. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to go out with my camera to take photos. However, my outdoor experiences were not limited to just photography as I made my first snowman.... Well I had my first attempt at making a snowman. It was a small one though, only about 9 feet inches (thanks Pepper) tall and I had to improvise to make his facial features. But it was fun nevertheless, I was almost a kid again... hmm, did I really grow up? You can see more of my winter photos at my photoblog.

On Thursday it was down into the city, to explore... well not really, I still had that Nikon D60 on my mind. It was over US$500, but I really wanted this camera. It took a while and some serious consideration, but I made up my mind to just get it. After all, a few hundred of the camera money was earned right here on this site... shhhh nuh tell nobady! I went to BH Photos down in the city to get my camera as it has been recommended by my sister and some of my fellow bloggers. That store was like a photographers heaven, the had everything a photographer, professional and amateur would desire... except my Nikon D60. I was crushed, now my dreams of getting my camera were dashed. As I walked along the cold New York streets, a bright light shone from the side of one of the tall skyscrapers, it was the J&R store! So I wasted no time and it was full speed ahead to J&R. Not getting the camera at BH was a blessing in disguise, as I got the camera at J&R cheaper and was able to hustle a camera bag for a discounted price too! I only got one lens though, the 18mm-55mm which doesn't have much zoom. So now I plan to get the 55mm-200mm telephoto lens as some money has found it's way to me (thank you Mommy and big sis). Despite having to use the viewfinder to take photos instead of the display screen, I love this camera, the picture quality is fantastic! So without further ado (drumroll), here is the new Stunner Nikon D60!

My Nikon D60 and Camera bag

Tomorrow it's off to the city once again, this time to take a small tour to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other places. I wanted to check out Madame Tussauds Wax Museum as suggested by GC, but it's a bit pricey. So I will check it out the next time I head to NYC, possibly in the summer. Well it's late and I have a lot of walking later in the day and a lot of reading in the night as I have your blogs to catchup on. Likkle more!

17 commented:

Congrats on the new toy(D60), you will fall in love with this camera.
May your photographs soar to new heights.
You da man
Walk Good

Loking forward to some great pictures.

congrats on the new camera!

mi want one!!!!!!!! *sob*

@Morpheus: I will fall in love? Please, I'm already in love! From the first test run with the camera I knew we were destined to be together! Thanks, I think my photos have started to go up a few notches.

@Dutty: Thanks! I do think I will produce better photos with this camera.

@Jamaipanese: LOL! If you really love photography you should get one, seriously!

This is my first time on your blog. I will be back. Stay fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. ... Follow me on Twitter:

Photoblog pics maaadd! Plan on making it back for Sigma on the weekend?

Nice camera. I want to upgrade my camera too, but I'll have to wait. Nice snowman!

Next time you go to NYC, try checking out the Maddame Toussant at night, late night, you can get in for free.

@ Stunner I do love's just that my pocket doesn't. It's an expensive hobby!

I'm green with envy! Well at least I'll get to enjoy more pics from you.

sounds like u thoroughly enjoyed your trip and made it worth your while
safe trip back when u do leave

LOL...I did not know that you went to foreign. Was wondering wher you got snow from in Jamaica...tee hee...must say, am very impressed by the architectural wonder of the snowman. Will give you four stars...

I guess the Big R got the Snowman too...he is jacked up:)

I hope to see many more creative clicks

a 9 foot snow man is a likkle snowman? a wah yaah seh

@SECRET DIARY: thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon!

@Gussie: Thanks, glad you like them star! Yes I am coming back on Thursday just in time to get ready for the race on Sunday.

@Stephen Bess: I know the feeling, I have been saving for over a year now.

@Campfyah: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind the next time I come up.

@Jamaipanese: Oh yes it is! I have found that out.

@Jacqueline Smith: LOL! nuh worry you will :)

@GC (God's Child): I did enjoy it somewhat.

@Mighty Afroditee: That would be some day when snow falls in warm JA! Thank you, I'm glad you like my snowman :)

@Emanicipated?: LOL! Oh yeah, so you know I had to improvise. Yes I intend to furnish more and better pictures.

@Pepper: Sorry that should have been nine inches, lol!


you should have joined the canon team.. the winning team :p

lol congrats, start saving money for those slr accessories though.

You finally had your chance with snow!