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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Up Inna Di Cold!

Whhaaiiiii it cowl! I know I posted about how Jamaica was cold a few weeks ago, but that was like being in 96 degrees in the shade compared to the temperature here in New York. At first when I came up here, it was very cold, but it just seem to be getting colder and colder as the days progress. Yesterday, I heard on the news yesterday that a cold front was heading to the New York area and today it certainly did! It even started from Saturday evening. The forecast even went as far as predicting a snow storm, 6 to 13 inches of snow! I woke up to flurries on Sunday morning but I keep hearing the worse is yet to come. So as I sit here in the warmth of the house, I am gearing up myself to see more snow than I have ever seen before. So if that materializes, then you can expect to see quite a few snow pictures, heheheh.

Last night I had my first visit to Red Lobster and I totally enjoyed it! The food was great, and I ate my belly full. I had a dish which comprised of grilled salmon and shrimp fettucini and mashed potatos. I had to ensure I limited my intake of shellfood as I am somewhat allergic to shellfood, so I had to mix my seafood. This was preceeded by ceaser salad and some of the tastiest buscuits I have ever tasted. To wash this down, I had a tall glass of mudslide. It was certainly a feast, so much so that I couldn't even deveour the entire main course. I hope this doesn't throw me too much off course with my getting lean diet. I hope all of what I'm eating don't make me put on too much as I have not even done one act of exercise, not even in my mind!

I haven't done much shopping, just a few items, as I didn't plan to do much shopping. I am still hoping to get my Nikon D60, but parting with so much cash these days is making me have second thoughts. Later this week I hope to go down to the city to check out some camera stores. Until then I will keep considering and budgeting and watch the snowflakes accumulate.

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mi nuh grudge yuh fi di cowl at all :P

be sure to check out B&H Photography while you in the city but leave your wallet and cash at home before entering! You'll thank me and realize why I said that later.

Wow Stunner, sounds like you were having fun up until this morning because when I got outside everything was buried under the snow!

But seriously, if you have never been to Madam Tussaud's wax museum, you should try to go. Check out for some good deals. You have to join but they are selling tix at half price and the museum is right there in times sq. They just added President Obama. Go take your picture with him

oh no, I just checked. The promotion is over. But the museum is not going anywhere. If it's in the vacation budget, I suggest you check it out.

Welcome to the Great White North my friend. I have been shovleing the stuff for months... lol
I agree with Jamaipanese about B&H, and a secondary location is Tristate @ 338 8th Ave (Corner 27th st) 212-633-6099.
D60 price range $470-$547
Keep warm
Walk Good

Oh the delicious food pictures...

Cold, its minus 33, so cold that the number is irrelevant..pshhh to your pretend Ja cold...

Good buy that is good for the economy...;-)

Keep dat cold up dey but yuh cud sen de food! Enjoy the holiday.

@Jamaipanese: My sister suggested B&H also, so I was planning to check it out.

@GC: Yup, some serious snow! The tickets look kinda pricey, but I will keep it in mind though when I head down to the city.

@Morpheus: I hope I can find the camera in that price range when I go there. Even though I would love to see it cheaper! :)

@Crankyputz: The food was good, would definitely go back! I agree, Jamaica cold is no cold at all, lol!

@Sidney: LOL, the economy is the last thing on my mind where buying that camera is concerned.

@blahblohblog: I going leave it up here in a few days, but I do wish I could carry the food! lol!

Red Lobster is the spot..You just made me sooo hungry:)

I notice that you don't mention the actual temperature in NY. So I guess every day is either "cold", "couwl" or "raahtid couwl"?

Just a weather tidbit - the temperature always goes up a little bit in order for it to snow. Of course, that could be from 15 to 20, or from -10 to 0. It still couwl, right?

Fun winter things to do:

Go for a long walk or cross-country skiing in Central Park (Manhattan) or Prospect Park (Brooklyn) before the snow gets all black and icky.

Fall backwards in the snow and make a snow angel by waving your arms and legs.

Red Lobster is cholesterol city!! Avoid, avoid, avoid...!