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Friday, February 06, 2009

Only In Jamaica...

... you find signs as comical as these. One good thing though is that they are thinking about conserving and protecting our environment... well at least the spring. I saw this sign late last year when I went to Winnifred's Beach in Portland. I just could not resist taking a photo of tit.

It's another Friday and the beginning of another weekend, and it is shaping up to be a cold weekend. the temperature started to fall from Wednesday and it was certainly cold when I was heading home from work at midnight! It seems another cold front has found its way into our vicinity bringing the much cooler temperatures to our tropical island. So if the cold front lingers then I guess you need to grab a sweater if you are going out in the nights this weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you haven't noticed already, I now have my own favicon for Stunner's Afflictions. If you use Blogger, then you can go to this free site, generate a favicon and then they provide you a link to where the can host your favicon for free. Blogger does not allow you to upload the .ico flie extension so you would have to link to the favicon hosted elsewhere. So the site I recommended comes in very handy.

Whether you are warm or cold have yourself a great weekend my peeps!

6 commented:

We really need to conserve the environment seeing that we are already reaping from our actions.
Please send some of that cold this way, its too hot here.

does that sign make sense? I mean I know what its saying but the order of the words just confusing. Its like a confusing cooking manual.

as a MEdia student, let me tell you, that sign is AWFUL!! It takes too long to get the message... (which, to be honest, is funny). Good ads/PSAs are clear and direct. And since they say space is the most importnant element on the page/canvas, this too crowded as well.

Funny tho. Just took a figurin out.

Hap[py cold weekend, Stunner :)

It cold nuh rahtid! Right now some wicked breeze a blow outside.

@Ruthibelle- thanks for that technical info, I'll bear in mind when I have stuff like that to do.

Only in Jamaica Stunner! I have this hobby of reading signs like this. Near where I live someone had put up a sign saying Welcome to Bully Three. Now the place really name Bullet Tree you know. That's another thing, who comes up with some of these place names?

I was talking to two young ladies recently, one asked me if I wasn't cold the other claim not to be cold ,even wearing sleeveless. I guess coldness is relative.

My opinion is it is cold especially when you have to shower in the mornings with cold water.

I like the photo Stunner-good to see people trying to take care of the environment. There is more information in that one hand made sign than an official one.

The only place that even resemebles COLD in Ja is Mandeville!! You should try living in Canada for a minute! Its murder returning from Jamaica to Canada in December when its -30 here! :-(

On the environment topic...if I was rich I'd start a recycling plant in Ja.