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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Vacation!

I know I have been MIA like Allen Stanford for the past week, but things were a bit rough over the past few days. I haven't sorted out things totally yet but still working on that... On another note, it's that time of the year again that I look forward to, no not Carnival, although I look forward to that too. It's time for some relaxation, fun, resting, going out and traveling! Yes it's vacation time!

I am going on a very good break from work, almost one entire month! How cool is that! That is what I call a break, the sort of break that allows you to forget about work for a while and try to enjoy life. I wasted no time on Tuesday and activated my out of office response on my company email and darted out of the office at exactly 5pm. The good thing about this vacation though, is that I am only using 5 days out of my allotted vacation time. You see, I have been accumulating several days in lieu, as I have been working almost all the public holidays for the past few years. However, the company (or my department) wants us to clear all our outstanding days in lieu, so that;s exactly what I am doing. This means that I still have more than half of my vacation left, which I intend to take later on in the year. Now if only I had enough money to maintain all this vacation time I have.

My vacation has been split in two, part I plan to spend in New York and the rest I plan to spend touring Jamdown, So Thursday evening I will be heading to the airport to board my flight to the Big Apple and chill out... literally! In these hard times finding a cheap ticket is something one has to make good use of considering how bleak the future looks. So the next time I drop a post I will be in New York all being well. Likkle more!

PS: I am exploring the possibility of a travel blog, you can have a sneak peak here Mek A Trod

8 commented:

Well we were wondering.

Have a relaxing, fun time!

Nice theme on the travel blog there, can others submit their travel stuff too? I envy you for all your vaca time, it feels like is just last week you did gone. Well, get some exciting stories to carry back.

Heheee! Anther one like me! I'm on vacation too :D my second week... only I'm in Florida (and even here is cold!) cyaa manage the NY cold at all at all! Have fun & keep warm!

Evil, Wicked, Unfeeling... What kinda post can a man flaunt it so???? You need to work on being more considerate of people's feelings...what I would give for a month's vacation right now

Enjoy for those you have left behind :(

@Cramkyputz: I will definitely try to do that!

@Morpheus: Thanks!

@Tami: Glad you like it Tami. I was thinking about having guest posts, so sure everyone who has an experience to share can contribute. Will let you know more about that very soon.

@Rae: Great! enjoy your vacation too! Oh yes up here cold!

@Emanicipated?: LOL!!! hush sweets, I'll have fun for both of us :)

Go Stunner! Have a nice vacay!