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Monday, February 16, 2009

A Wok, A Zapper, Old Spice & Dinner... Not a Bad Weekend

This weekend I did a little splurging... well if you can call it that, I decided to treat myself to a something I have been wanting for a long time. No not a sensuous massage, no not my Nikon D60... soon buy that! I have been wanting to get myself a Wok for such a long time, but just couldn't find one at a decent price. So on Sunday one of my friends dropped by and suggested we go up to Azmart, to which I reluctantly agreed as I would have to drive, cho. So off I went to Azmart in search of my Wok. Now Azmart has some pretty decent stuff, but the thing is at times they are on the pricey side, but sometimes you get a decent deal. After going through a few Woks I finally found a pretty decent one for a price I was willing to pay and I quickly snapped it up!

My wok getting ready for some cooking.

But that was not the only thing that i found while there at Azmart, I also found another little item that I have been searching for a little while now. It all began earlier this year when I went to visit my friend over in Portmore. We were chilling and chatting, but i was constantly under attack from killer, suicide mosquitoes. So he handed me something, something that would change my life forever. It was one of those electrical Bug Zapper rackets, and let me tell you after that it was pure bliss as I heard and saw those evil mosquitoes fry and pop when I hit them with the zapper. It was like magic when I gracefully swung the small tennis racket looking instrument in their path and to see them die in dazzling sparks. I never knew killing mosquitoes would be so much fun! From then i vowed to get myself one, but my searches were futile, even H&L Rapid True Value where he got his was out of stock. It seems I was not the only one enchanted by this magical tool. But last night all that changed when I saw that special beam of light shining on the Zapper in Azmart. I quickly dashed towards it in slow motion with open palms. But unlike my fiends zapper which uses replaceable batteries, mine is rechargeable, endless killing power! I finally got it, now those invading, bothersome mosquitoes at my place will pay, they will feel my wrath! Mmuuuuuaaahhhhhhhaaahhhha. Unfortunately, despite my earnest search when I came home I could only find one mosquito, but the satisfaction of watching it fry and pop was just so awesome! mosquitoes be ware Stunner and his Zapper is here!

My bug zapper racket ready to kill!

But my discoveries didn't end there as when I went back downstairs I stumbled upon Old Spice High Endurance body wash that I have been looking for unsuccessfully in several supermarkets. All I could see the the smaller yet more expensive Old Spice Red Zone body wash. I was so happy to finally find my favorite body wash, but just beside it was the Red Zone, which I have always wanted to try but didn't as it was more expensive. But to my surprise Azmart had the red Zone for the same price I would pay for the High Endurance! So you know who quickly pawned up the Red Zone, and now I know where to get more when I run out. So my visit to Azmart was very fruitful and well worth the drive. So ladies if you a brotha walks by smelling damn good, it;s probably me, hehehe. Shhh, don't tell my friend as I was not to happy that I had to drive when she mentioned it.

All this happened on Saturday, but on Sunday I was so happy to have my Wok, that I decided to cook before work, and cook I did. I made baked pineapple chicken, rice and gungo peas and of course Vegetable Stir Fry. I just had to use my Wok, this is what I bought it for, stir fry! I can definitely see myself making a lot more stir fried food, which means a lot more vegetables in my diet. This might just work our goof for me as I will cut down on my starch intake which in turn will, with exercise, help me to loose some fat and look a little leaner. So look out for more Kitchen conquest, yes my friends Chef Stunner-yardie strikes again!

Sunday dinner.

11 commented:

the food look tantalizing and healthy.
nice looking wok too, looks well made unlike alot of the cheap ones bout the place

Forget the wok looking good - dat food look like nom nom nom. Stunner what IS it with you and food?

is a Wok the pot or the stove or are you starting some sort slang that is immoral?

I have to admit, my is still gonna make somebody a good mate one of these days :)

wow,stunner may boy that food looks fantastic. I never made that pineapple chicken bizniz either.I thought you went ring shopping:)

Hmmmmm ....
Back to the D60 (before the mosquitoes bite you to death)and I am one who is dropping the hints for you to get a D60 or D80 or D90.
So you can blame

Walk Good

wow Stunner
"endless killing power"
you should license that phrase
maybe I could buy one of those for the summer time
every summer I have to dash from the car into the house. If I drop my keys for a moment in front of the door, I'm sure to pay. And with West nile going around. . .

The food look good. I am hungry and inspired.

Wow, u can cook? Ok, definitely husband material.

Azmart should sponsor you for this hilarious post. Ok Stunner, or Mr. Zapper, to mosquitoes, You are an inspiration, so I'm gonna be adding "Learn Cooking" to my wish list right after "Stop getting six love in dominoes" and "Use Red Zone so Mi arm nuh Green".

Stunner - You are really just the kind of customer that Azmart loves! I can almost envision the totally childish glee and delight in finding these goodies!

And by the way, none a we nuh get no hinivation fi come get some a di bickle. Don't tink seh we nuh notice! Enjoy the new wares: we will need updates from Stunner's Wok please.