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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Miles!!!

I did it! Yes my fellow bloggers, I finally ran 3 miles! It was hard, it was painful, it took every ounce of strength I had, physically and mentally to reach my goal of running 3 miles. I had to coach myself, push myself and breathed as best as I could and it worked. It took me a half hour to accomplish this feat though, but it still feels good. There is a certain feeling one gets when one push himself to the limit and actually reach their goal. But this is just the first big step in my training as i am hoping to do run 4 miles in less than 30 minutes, which will ensure that I am in top shape to really compete. Why am I doing this? Well if you have been reading my blog you would know that I am planning to participate in the 2009 Sigma Corporate Run. The route is 5 kilometers which works out to 3.1 miles so today's feat was indeed a big one for me. however, the training continues.

I read my company email not to long ago and saw that they have sent out the entry form for the Sigma Corporate Run. So tomorrow morning bright and early I will be filling out my form and submitting it, personally. They have also sent out the schedule for training and of course I will have to participate in that too as it will allow me to familiarize myself with the route. Training on the actual route is a lot better than running on the treadmill, as I will be simulating the actual conditions I have to face during the real thing. The route is the same as last year, so I am aware of the challenges and I will be able to formulate the best way to run the route.

So after reaching my goal today, I though there was no better way to celebrate my feat than to have a tasty, nutritious, victory meal! And the best victory meal, is the one you cook yourself. So today I made myself some Stunner's Sweet and Sour Fish, Basmati rice and some fresh lettuce and tomatoes with a little Italian dressing. I also had a half glass of orange juice to wash it down, so now I'm feeling good. just need the sleep to set in now so I can be well rested for another day tomorrow.

12 commented:

Congrats Stunner, thats a big accomplishment! I just posted about my training routine for the Sigma 5K too. What a coinkidink.

Three miles, huh? Big up still! Big up on the food too, it look good. You have any more?

i know right! all a dis fi 3 likkle mile :P

lol congrats stunner cus i caan run it jus bere mout mi have

What ever little calories you burnt in that run, the food put it right back on, and then to catch niggaritis afterwards.

Yeahhhhh Stunner..And you cook too:)

@Gussie: Thanks man. i read your post,seems your training is going well.

@Esteban: Thanks.

@Emancipated?: Thanks.

@Mad Bull: Yeah 3 long, difficult miles. Maybe I can do the catering for the next Blogger Link Up, lol!

@Pepper: Yuh si it! are you running/walking in the race?

@Tami: Naah, that's not much food, Furthermore I needed it as I went to lift weights after running.

@Jdid: Thanks.

@Abeni: Yup, just one of my many capabilities :)

Way to go! I've been thinking about starting to run, but without someone chasing I lose the ambition.

Bwoy dat food ent play lookin' good nuh. Ah fin' yuh could share :D

Good for you and the running - keep going. Be healthy for you and me!

that meal looks delicious.
i just need to run one mile straight and i'm good!