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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Black History Month

February is marked as Black History Month, that special month of the year that has been set aside to remember, reflect and commemorate the history of black people all over the world. Black History month is the month were more emphasis is placed on the pages of history that document the many stages of the black race. A month when we reflect on the past, our oppression when our ancestors were plunged into years of slavery and suffering, the struggles encountered by those who dare to fight for the right of this strong ethnic group, and our collective accomplishments as a defined people.

Black History Month also focuses on our rich history, our mighty civilizations of the past our heritage that defines us as a people, our music that has transformed over the years but still have similarities to that of the motherland, our rhythm and dances that are deeply rooted in movements that are still done to the drums of Africa. Our cultures are diverse, our customs are different, yet they still have some similarities that are engraved no matter how much our societies have evolved.

There is no doubt that this year's Black History Month will have even a more special meaning to most as just recently we were witness to a prominent page of history being written right in front of our eyes. Yes, the great United States of America saw it's first black President, the country that has seen so much civil rights movements for equality, a country that is one of the most influential and powerful society in our world. A great feat for a ethnic group that has risen from enslavement, endured the obstacles through civil rights movements and now has some semblance of an equal opportunity and rights.

Black History Month is not the time for us too look back at the past with bitter feelings, but to look back with a sense of pride, to know that the black ethnic group fought to be treated as equal to any other and has come a long way in achieving this goal.

No doubt Black History Month brings to mind the many characters that did their part in the struggle for freedom, equal rights and justice, such as: Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nanny of the Maroons, Samuel Sharp, Paul Bogle, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela (thanks to Ruthibelle for reminding me about Mandela)just to name a few. But it is not just about thoughts who fought but about those who made great strides such as: Bob Marley, Colin Powell, Jesse Owens, Ray Charles, Usain Bolt, Barack Obama (just had to throw the two last ones in, lol), just to name a few in this never ending list.

So as we reflect during Black History Month, let us also look forward and continue to improve ourselves, not just people of the black ethnic group, but everyone, as we all can learn from these pages of history.

6 commented:

Couldn't have said it better...I swear I could here Redemtion song playing in the back of mind as I read...Stunning.

Um.. you forgot Nelson Mandela?? :)

Very well said Stunner. It is even more special given that the White House has color

@Emanicipated?: Thank you very much :)

@Ruthibelle: Thanks, I added him.

@Abeni: Thank you, it certainly is.

Nice job,Stunner! Too often the list suggests Black American history...(not complaining, because we're all ONE BLOOD) but the variety, especially the age range, is a truer reflection of 'Black Ourstory'