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Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Weekend and Camera on My Mind

WOW! Can you believe it's Friday already? The week just flew by so quickly. They say time flies when you are having fun, but I don't recall having any fun during the course of this week and look here, is Friday again already! It seems as if it was just yesterday I was in pain, agony, discomfort and just plain miserable as I suffered from being poisoned by that awful canteen food, and that was exactly one week ago. I think I have said this before, but I will say it again... well ask it again also. Does it seem to you that time is moving faster now than say 10, 15 years ago? Well, it certainly seems and feels that way to me. It's as if I don't have enough hours in the day anymore and behold, there I see old age right in front of me snickering it's shiny dentures at me we wide open, sagging arms. Like is too short star!

With the view of life being short, and defying the economic gloom and doom around me I have set my eyes on getting a new camera. What! A new camera Stunner? Why, is the one you have broken? Doesn't it take good picture? Yes I anticipated those questions so let me tell you why I want a new one. Well, by now you all should know that photography is my passion and I love taking pictures; scenery, people, insects, animals, abstract, the whole works. But the camera I now have is a point-and-shoot and does not give me the flexibility to experiment as much as I want and to improve my skills. So I think it's time for me to upgrade to a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, which, I believe with practice and reading, allow me to step up my photography to the next level. So what do I have in mind? Well I have my eyes set on the Nikon D60 DSLR camera. Based on the specs this would be perfect for an amateur like me. The only problem is that the cost is over $US500 (over $JM40,000 and counting), not too easy to come by in these harsh economic times. But this is my passion, something I enjoy doing, and I might just be able to make some money from it in the future... I hope. So I have decided to get it, yuh kno treat myself at least.

Another weekend is in full swing already, but I have no plans for this weekend but to get some rest and recuperate from the week's activities. Speaking of which, even though I did some running this week, but I did not feel accomplished, as I relapsed. Yes, I fell back on my progress of 2 miles last week and one one of the days could only run a half mile. I feel like a failure, failure I tell you! In fact most I did was to run one mile on Tuesday, but despite my disappointing performance this week I am determined to do better next week. I hope to do my 2.5 miles on Monday, so I'll let you know how that goes. Well, let me not keep you any longer, go enjoy yourselves and have a great weekend... however short it is!

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YEs. Time is flying. The days are shorter. And everything is speeding up (including the slide of the Jamaican dollar).

Hope you get the money together to buy your camera before NOW while it still somewhat affordable... seeing how things going now... by next week it could be in the hundred thousands...

If you have your eyes set on the Nikon (or any other DLSR), carefully consider the lens that you want to use for your shots. I do not know the type of shots you like to compose, however, the lens and focal length is important.
Good Luck
P.S. You maybe interested in the information on this site

Walk Good

@Ruthibelle: I know, I need to hurry, because the JM dollar is sliding faster than butter on a hot knife.

@Morpheus Rablings: Thanks for the info, I'm going to check it out.

Honestly I don't know much about cameras. I just have a small Olympian (I think). What I can understand is having a passion for a hobby. Good luck getting the camera.

yea i'm looking to get a dsl too. tired of the point and shoot. thinking Canon rebel xsi though. see some sony's cheaper but havent heard any of my photogrphy friends big up sonys only nikon and canon

and yea aint cheap got to save up some money and hope some income tax money come in too

Best wishes with the camera shopping, been wanting one myself, and planning to just shut mi eyes and buy one. Maybe that's what you'll have to do- shut your eyes.

I had a lovely weekend as a matter of fact, zipped over to Hanover where I spent a nice 48 hour with family.

No you dont need a new one.The old one works just fine:)

I just got the Canon Rebel Xsi, it's awesome!

@duttybwoy: Thanks man, there is nothing like when you have a passion for something.

@Jdid: i hear the rebel is a good DSLR! You can get that one, justacoolcat recommends it!

@Jacqueline Smith: That's exactly what I,m doing. lol!

@Abeni: lol! yes the present one is good, but i just want more flexibility to experiment.

@justacoolcat: Congrats! Now I can expect to see even better photos!