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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sickening Weekend

It all started in the wee hours of Friday morning, there I was fast asleep when during my dreams I started to feel some discomfort. I try to keep myself in dreamland but the discomfort just grew, it got stronger and stronger, until I could sleep no more. I got up out of the bed and the reality of the stomach churning discomfort hit like a powerful uppercut to my belly. I needed some tea, but not just any tea, this feeling in my stomach couldn't be solved by any ordinary tea. Then the idea came to me, ginger tea normally helps to settle the stomach. I had a nice big piece of ginger in the fridge so I cut a piece, put on some water, crushed the ginger and made myself a cup of ginger tea. I went to the living room as I sipped my tea and tried to watch some TV, to distract myself from the feeling. But it was to no avail, the feeling still would not subside. How can I describe this feeling? my stomach felt uneasy, it felt puffy, is slightly hurt, I was burping, I felt like I wanted to hurl, it felt like I was running after just drinking a gallon of water, all of these mixed up in one.

What could have caused this feeling? Then I remembered, I had some canteen food on Thursday night for dinner, that damn canteen food! I was going to the gym, and I knew it was going to be long night. So I bought the canteen food for my dinner, but it certainly taught me a lesson! All of Friday the discomfort continued without letup. Saturday morning was no better, the awful discomfort continued, which was only made worse with the fact that I had work. I even skipped having Chinese food, or patties for lunch and opted for a small soup, in the hopes that it would help to settle my stomach. That was to no avail, as I only felt slightly better while I ate the soup. Oh the agony, oh the humanity! By Saturday evening I stared feeling slight, yet sharp pains in my tummy and the awful, sick feeling persisted with vigour. By late Saturday evening the bathroom saw a lot more of me and the toilet and I became even more acquainted. I stayed up late to the wee hours of Sunday morning, miserable, hoping to feel relief until I was finally tired enough to fall asleep in my misery.

Sunday morning I got up and decided to give up on my quest to naturally purge my system, and after reluctantly eating breakfast I went straight to the pharmacy and searched through the assortment of stomach medicines on its shelves. Then I finally decided on getting myself a box of Andrews Lemon flavoured Sparkling Salts. As soon as I stepping my door i made some and gobbled down the fizzy medication. I felt better with a few minutes, but it did not last, by late evening I was feeling awful again. I never gave up though, I gobbled some more of that fizzy stuff again just before going to bed. When i woke up on Monday morning, I was feeling almost like my normal self again, no more of that awful discomfort that I had endured all weekend. I have learned my lesson, no more of that nasty, dutty, tinking canteen food, neither for lunch or for dinner.

12 commented:

Yup that canteen food is a killer, if you have never tried DICA I highly recommend it...I use it for everything stomach related (gas, heartburn, greasy canteen food upset etc.) it's a miracle potion...over the counter at the pharmacy.

And for common Jamaican bush medicine there's always busy tea or pimento liqueur :)

lol you need a stomach of steel to eat their food. although maybe you just left the food out a bit too long.

Try some GINGER TEA in the future!!

I do the same thing sometimes - grab quick food that I know will make me feel crappy. When will we learn?! ;)Glad you are feeling better!

Man eat...Man fi cook...the easy road always leads to destruction...Why didn't you get some antacid from Friday?? Men!

Sorry to hear you are sick...

I am prior military and boy or boy I remember when I had to eat "sea rations" ..or MRE's as they called it...


I might as well have been eating Sienna leaves!

Oh Poor Stunner, I'm sick too, but with the flu. There is nothing worst than stomach sickness...can leave you feeling weak as a lamb...feel better dahlling...

what is canteen food? ignorant american here! sounds like ya' may need to cook which equates to less food poisoning.

LOL,that was a funny story. You should get sick more often at the expense of lightening my mood. Andrews always works. I suggest you get a wash out.

@Ochibum: You hit the nail on the head, it is a killer. Never heard of DICA before, will keep that in mind, as well as the hoe remedy.

@Adrian: Man, stomach stronger than steel is more like it. It seems so, even a half hour is too long for their food.

@Esteban: I did try that, and it didn't work.

@Brea: Sometimes one just can't help it, but I not going back to them this time.

@Emanicipated?: I can't cook all the time, especially when I work consecutive shifts. Was hoping I would have felt better without medication, but that just prove the need to drugs up.

@iriegal: Are you sure we not eating the same food? lol

@Crankyputz: Thanks sweets, hope you feel better soon too.

@H.: The company I work for contacts a catering company to cook lunches for us in the company's canteen facility. But their food is always substandard. I do cook, but I can't do it all the while as I work shifts.

@Tami: Evil! Glad you did get a laugh at my expense :) I was thinking about doing a good ol' washout too.

And in all of this it never crossed your mibnd to visit a MEDICAL EXPERT? What if it was something else- more serious??

Anyway, a little cinammon and honey woulda nipped that bug in the bud!