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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to Portland

Reach Falls Portland

So last weekend found me in Portland again! can you believe it? A place that I hardly ever visited in the past two years has seen my face twice in one month! What could be the cause of this?

Well, Portland is my birthplace and where I grew up, so most naturally I would love to visit my home parish. However, over the years the road to Portland and by extension Port Antonio has deteriorated significantly and as such beautiful Portland seemed even further and harder to reach. however, things even got worse when they started work on the road network which included totally destroying the existing bad roads. However, all that has basically changed and the first coating of the new highway up to almost within 10 miles of Port Antonio. And from my short yet speedy bursts on the new road, it sweet! However, I must tell you to be cautious if you plan to drive that way to Port Antonio, as the road is still winding even though it has been broadened and partially paved. There is a lot more work left to be done as almost all of the many bridges on the route is still under construction and the second layer of tar is still left to be added.

Reach Falls Portland

My trip to Portland was great as I visited Reach Falls for the first time. Can you imagine, I lived in Portland for so long and have never been to Reach Falls? I feel wutliss (worthless), but I am glad I did. It is not half as big as Dunn's River but it id such a lovely place. Nice, green and lush, a true refection of the beauty of Portland as illustrated in the picture above. I had a great time there, climbed that falls and experienced the teeth chattering, body shivering, cold crystal waters. The climb is only about fifteen minutes, but it is rather enjoyable and somewhat exciting due to the slippery rocks and the pools of water that range from just a few feet deep to almost 18 feet deep. for those of us who like to take photographs there are many areas you can snap away. So if you are ever in eastern Portland be sure to check it out.

I think I will be visiting Portland more often now as the road continues to improve. So if you are in the mood for a road trip, you know who to give a shout!

11 commented:

im still waiting to hear "smooth road ahead!!!" when that times comes im ALL FOR IT! you know i been dying to visit but i cant put tiny too thru all of that

nice photos! reach falls looks nice

Happy New Year. I too took a jaunt to Portland on Tuesday, thankfully I didn't have to drive but the beauty of the Parish is better seen from a passenger's perspective. Unfortunately, I didn't get to any falls, tried Summerset Falls but they were closed, and on our way to Winnifred's beach we happened upon Frenchman's cove...nice, very nice. Its a Parish every J'can should try to visit and enjoy, its worth going through the rough roads. I may go back for a weekend soon.

I can believe it. You love Portland. Great pics!

Ok boss, I'm tired of the teasing and the promises. Lets plan a road trip to Portland for one weekend. Serious thing. Blogger's link-up drive to Portland. Car pool and stuff. Are you game?

@Pepper: Don't worry the road is good enough for tiny to drive on.

@Jdid: It is!

@Emanicipated?: Glad to know you enjoyed your trip to Portland. You should definitely go back and try out the many attractions. It's a good idea to call places like Summerset Falls and Reach Falls for opening times beforehand as they normally close by about 4:30.

@justacoolcat: Yes I do, it's one of the most beautiful places.

@Tami: Ready when yuh ready! Seriously.

When next me deh a yard, rude bwoy... may be sooner than you think.

Just read Tami's comment... Me haffi line up a Yard trip.

great pictures mate.

not sure if you on flickr but if you are join the Jamaica West Indies group (onelove) we have monthly meetups and it would be great to meet you on one of those photo outings

Didn't know you were a countryman. Careful with that speeding Stunner. Don't want you to end up on the 7 o' clock news.

@MB: Sure, I'm all game for that!

@Jamaipanese: Thanks! I joined after I read your comment. Haven't uploaded any pictures yet, but my Flikr name is stunnerj. Those photo excursions sound good.

@Leon: Yup, born and raised in the country! Yes mi yute, I may speed a bit at times but only when it's safe to do so, no reckless & careless driving for me.