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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Chill, Sigma Comming Up

If you live in Jamaica, From Negril to Morant Bay, or if you are even close to this fair island, then you can't deny that these past few days have, especially the nights have been rather chilly. it seems we are experiencing our version of the winter here in Jamaica, but not even close to the bitter cold experienced by our friends up north. Rather, it's a lovely cool weather, not too cold, with gentle breeze, not too windy. according to the meteorologists, we are experiencing just the tail end of the cold front the lashed the eastern states of the USA and Canada. Even my apartment, which seems like it has all year round central heating, feels cool in this weather. The bed feels a whole lot better and the sleep so much sweeter.

On another note, I went on the Pan Caribbean website and found out the the Sigma Corporate Run is scheduled for March 15 this year, a little over one month away. As you should know by now, I participated for the first time in the 5K (3 miles) marathon through the corporate city. I didn't medal at all, but I did manage to get a good position, due to the sheer volume of participants. However, this year I want to try and go after a medal, not too sure if I will get it, but I at least want to better my last placement. the medal however would be just wonderful and just be the icing on the cake that will really sweeten the pain of my efforts. So with this in mind I have started my training as of Monday of this week. And I have made some progress as small as it is, as on Tuesday I ran contiguously for 2 miles, just 1 mile short of the target, in a little over 20 minutes. However, this is just the beginning, as I want to be able to do at least 4 miles under 30 minutes to ensure that I will be in medal contention. There are a lot better runners that will be participating, runners that have completed the 20K Reggae Marathon, so I have a lot of competition. And to make things even harder, I had already planned my vacation before knowing the date and will be traveling to the cold foe two weeks, just before the race. So I have a hell of a challenge ahead of me to get in shape as i doubt I will be able to do any running while I'm on vacation in the Big Apple.

As I sit here writing about the Sigma Corporate Run, my mind comes across a certain blogger who has embarked on a fitness mission. So Pepper, I would like to encourage you to sigh up and join in the Sigma Corporate Run this year, it's for a worthy cause and you get a chance to challenge yourself and get fit in the process. And just in case my gentle encouragement doesn't work, I hereby, formally challenge you, Ms. Pepper to do this race! (lol) And my invitation is not just to pepper, but to everyone who can participate this year. Check if your company is entering this year so they can sponsor you. If your company isn't entering and you have some money, you can sponsor yourself. If you can't run the course, there is also a walk race too, and even if you can't walk, there is a wheel chair race too, so you have no excuse. Come on, be brave and challenge yourselves for a good cause.

Well, it's another weekend so take some time to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself... even if you have to work the weekend like me.

P.S. I also noticed that this post makes one year worth of post, in other words, I have reached 365 posts. Which means that if I posted every single day, this post would make one full year's worth of posts. Yay!

10 commented:

Idren Stunner,

Nuff nuff RAS-pect on the one year blogaversary!

I hope Sistren Pepper takes up the challenge!

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

@Lady Roots: Well, today is not my one year blogaversary, as I have been blogging for about 3 years now. I was just saying this makes 365 posts, one full year worth of posts. (I added a little clarification on the post) Just a useless fact that I noticed. lol!

I hope she does accept the challenge.

That cool breeze must feel great. Good sleeping weather!

Living in this icebox I have learned to appreciate the Jamaican cold fronts so much more...

Congrats on the 365 posts though...I don't think I reach 100 yet...I post more crap on facebook than I do on my own blog ...SAD

Nadya Dee

Quite a challenge, but I have learnt that these things are best left in the hands...or feet...of capable individuals. Cardio was never my thing. Good luck and I hope you stay on your training regiment while away, no fast food. BTW if you get a medal then at least some of the veil of anonimity will be lifted while you stand on the podium:)Onward and upward ma brotha.

Here's to 365 more posts!

How many persons medalling,lemme decide if you can do it:)

congrats on the posting Stunner and all the best for your run


It's minus 30 out here, you are therefore not allowed to complain about the nice 'wind.'

I'm cosigning on crankyputz's comment. You know it was 25 degrees Farenheit in NYC today. Trade ya!