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Friday, January 09, 2009

Real Men Do Yoga!

I have been going to the gym now for about a year, on a more regular basis that is. You see my gym attendance has been a very punctuated event, sometimes with breaks longer that a month. However over the past year I have tried to keep my attendance more regular, and as such I have actually seen better results, even though I am still a good way off from my dream body. Most of my gym sessions only involved weight training, since i wanted to look more like those muscular fellows in the fitness magazines. But being somewhat on the fatty side, i kept bulking up without getting the definition I needed to get in the shape I wanted to. So as a result over the past few months I have increased my cardio workouts.

Therefore with this in mind I stopped relying on just only the normal 15-20 minutes on the treadmill before my workout and started to introduce other exercises. Now I have started to do spinning classes at least once a week, then I added kick-boxing to the list, doing that at least once a week too. i have to admit, my first session to either of these classes was a nightmare. i was struggling so much and I sweat like a never ending river. It was a rude awakening as to how unfit I truly was, even though I had been lifting weights for some time now. Even now these classes are a challenge, especially since I do them after I finish my weight training.

But my adventure in fitness didn't stop there, as on Thursday evening I tried something completely new once again, For the first time in my life I attempted Yoga! I often pictured yoga as a female exercise, something easy that women who don't really want to workout would do, something that one would do only to stretch and relax. Bwoy, was I wrong! that shit is hard nuh ra$$! I went into that class with an open mind even though I had my previous preconception and I was certainly enlightened. I stretched body parts I didn't know I could stretch, used up my abdominal almost as much as I did in abs class, and sweat like I was doing spinning or kick-boxing! Looks can be deceiving, as even though it looks like a easy relaxing exercise, it does take a lot of effort. I know I didn't do half of the Yoga positions properly, but I tried to keep up and really enjoyed my first Yoga class. I think I will be adding Yoga to my exercise arsenal in my quest to achieve a better, stranger, fitter, healthier body. I would recommend Yoga to anyone, man, woman, young or old, especially if you do weight training as it helps to stretch those over exerted muscles.

After my gym session yesterday, which included both leg weight training and Yoga, I got home too late and too tired to cook, so I had to buy food. The only thing I could think of which was somewhat healthy and affordable was some Island Grill food. So After having my protein shake I went and got myself some Island Grill which I added my own twist to as i didn't want to undo all the hard work i put in all evening, And this is what I came up with...

Not too bad, eh? BBQ leg & thigh, one festival, lettuce & tomato with zesty Italian dressing and some lime-aid. have a great weekend people!

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Stunner-The first time I tried yoga was early last year and I realize also that it is challenging at first. You can probably practice a few stretches at home before you go to class to avoid embarrassment. I learn a of yoga position from this website they have animated instructions. It will become easy soon.

Kick boxing sounds great. That is something I would love to try. A total full body cardiovascular workout is always very good.

good luck

I'm greedy so I want to know what is a "festival"?

Yoga sounds really interesting - thanks for the link dutty. I've been wanting to try it out for ages so maybe 09 is the year.

@Dutty: thanks for the info. I think I might tryout the moves on the site before I go back to the class, not just to avoid continued embarrassment but also to get some good stretches.

@blahblohblog: a festival is made from a dough comprising of flour, corn meal, milk, sugar, pinch of salt, baking powder and spices. It is then deep fried until it gets that golden brown colour as shown in the picture. It's quite tasty, you should try it some day.

Yoga does look interesting. I met a yoga instructor in Facebook, you should see how defined she is! Yoga must be awesome!

Wow... who knew sane people could binge on exercise... but then again, who said you were sane? :D

I've never tried it, but I just knew yoga was hard... all them ungodly bending-up just look torturous! Good luck with that.

To not know what a fesival is to have half a yuh life gone... Blahblah must try fish and festival some time soon. It will give you new outlook on life, I promise, lol...

BTW, happy nu year Stunner. Hope you get the dream bod you working for... and all other good things besides! :D

Serious regimen there. Fast food and exercise don't really mix. At least it had vegetables in it.

@Ruthibelle @Stunner: I figure a festival sound kinda like a fried bakes, only with cornmeal in the dough. How allyuh trying to tempt me with festival & fish and then talking about getting fit with yoga? *stueps* Ah see allyuh en like me!

Yoga is good. I find it particularly relaxing somehow...I am happy for the "dutty link" I will investigate soon. I'll give you 2 months, Stunner, then I will renew my call for a torso pic ;)

I tried yoga last year and my downward dog never came back up! But you've motivated me to give it another try (after practicing on that website Dutty provided!)

Stay away from the fast really don't want me to tell you what's really in that "healthy meal" :)

@Mad Bull: It is certainly an awesome exercise!

@Ruthibelle: LOL! What can I say, I'm an exercise junkie! Yoga is hard, well for beginners as most of the class, who were regulars, seemed quite relaxed. Hope you have a wonderful year too.

@Leon: That wasn't much food especially for someone doing weight training and cardio. So a small amount of fast food when eaten rarely isn't that bad. And as you said it had veggies!

@blahblohblog: LOL! Well all this getting fit helps to enjoy these delicacies without the fattening side effects.

@Emanicipated?: Seems like you have been doing it for a while. Hmm, OK let's see if I can be in picture shape by the end of March.

@Ochibum: "my downward dog never came back up!" LOL! Naah, life to short to completely stay away from fast food. But I hardly ever heat it and when I do it's only in a small amount.

Congrats on trying new things to improve your body!!! Keep us updated on your progress.

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