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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More CSI!...What, No Grissom?

I recently learned that the defining character for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Gil Grissom, played by actor William Petersen will be leaving the series. This is unheard of, shocking even! What would CSI be without Grissom, the poetic lead of the Sin City, Las Vegas crime scene investigations team? CSI is my favorite television series and the only television series I can sit and watch with advertisement and not change the channel during the breaks only to forget what I was watching. I actually looked forward to watching CSI and was so thrilled they have the whole day CSI Las Vegas marathon! Yuh know nuttin nuh do dat dah deh!

Since the Original CSI, I have started watching the other spin-offs, CSI Miami and CSI New York. But even though I watch these intently and religiously, they still can't compare to the original CSI, my first love. All the CSIs have their individual or I should say unique feel to it and I watch them on their own merit. But even though I don't really compare them to the original, I still can't help putting the original CSI in a class by itself.

This is not the first of the original CSI cast members to depart from the show, as we tragically lost Warrwick Brown, played by Gary Dourdan, however after a while of adjusting to his departure CSI still continued. However, Grissom in my view thee major character in CSI and basically defines the original series. He is quoted by as saying, "I won't miss Grissom... And I hope that the audience won't miss him either", but how can we not?

Gill Grissom will be replaced as by Dr. Raymond Langston, played by Laurence Fishburne, as head of the CSI team. Fishborne has his role cut out for him, as die hard CSI fans will do doubt be comparing his character and by extension him, with Grissom (Petersen). No doubt Fshburne is a great actor and will do well, but where this game is concerned, it's all about the perception of the fans who have grown so accustomed the character, Grissom. Will this be the end of CSI? Will it continue to be as great as it has been for the past nine season? Well only the next season can tell.

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I was also devastated when I heard the news back in December! They introduced Lawrence Fisburne's character just before the Christmas season break and it will all climax in the season finale this month :'(

So far Fishburne's character seems likeable enough.

I have been watching CSI NY since it aired also, love it! Unfortunately I lost interest in CSI Miami as i'm not a fan of David Caruso's acting (or lack thereof) skills.

Funny enough, I have never seen the original ones..don't start shouting in outrage

@Ochibum: I am confident Fishburne will do well, but CSI just won't be the same though. I don't mind CSI Miami, but I do enjoy poking fun at Caruso and often imitate him much to the delight of my other CSI watching friends. What can I say he, is the comic relief of the show! lol!

@Abeni: WHAT! I can't even react to such an absurd statement!

sorry dude
that's tough
I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Law & Order without Jesse Martin
I only used to check CSI from time to time but I cannot imagine it without Grissom. He gave the show intelligence. It wasn't just another crime drama.

Sorry folks....but for me it's no Grissom- no CSI:(
I have watched the show from the start and never waivered(even after losing Warrick), but this is the last straw. Grissoms character defines the whole show for me and I can't imagine it will work without him.

Geez 1st Boston Legal goes, now Grissom...I'm sooo sad.

No way...Grissom leaving CSI...He is the one who introduced the series...I'm chocked - but...not crying...;) It is amazing what a front figure can make...and if they change character there is some difficulties to see them play in other films ...:)

What about Law and Order SVU? That's my show. Never really caught on to the CSI hype. House is really good too.