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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Reigns

There has been a lot of negative press about our popular music here in Jamaica, but not all of our Dancehall/Reggae music is less than desirable. There are still very good songs being played on our airwaves. Love Reigns by Tarrus Riley and Bugle, two of Jamaica's newer artistes and also two of the best, is one such song.

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Some contrast, to dancehall eh Stunner!?

Really glad to see this post Stunner. Dancehall has taken a beaten over the past few weeks. I'm not sympathetic though. Sometimes we need a kick in the gut to realize our full potential.

Danncehall has been under attack for years and survived. We need to let the music evolve and that does not mean being "soft" or losing it's authenticity. Surely there is a place for hardcore dancehall music but outside of that there are other implications to consider.

We can have radio friendly songs and club/dancehall songs.

Thanks for the video. Bugle, Serani, Konshens even Movado and Kartel have been putting out more songs about upliftment or money "getting the paper". Getting rich. Personally I like these much better, but I will say again there is a place and time for the heavier stuff. If we look at artists who has made it really big internationally without just a few collaborations with rappers or sing tresses, those in the main stream do better.

Just an observation.

with the bad there is also the good

Dancehall may have found a new level of naughty, but banning some dances like daggering is just going to make the dance and dancehall more popular,pon di edge.

I love Tarrus Riley - glad to see him keeping the music positive.

As much as I have issue with censorship, I really can't blame the powers that be for going all out to monitor what is on the airwaves. It's a big deal right here in Grenada, with not just dancehall, but certain soca/jump-up songs as well.

I'm sorry - maybe I'm getting old but that daggering dance is unnecessarily offensive.

@Esteban: A contrast indeed to some of the Dancehall songs.

@Ruthibelle: I assume you like the song?

@Dutty: Thanks Dutty.I agree there is a place for all types of music. Artistes, producers and broadcasters just need to be more responsible for what they put out to the public.

@Jadid: Indeed.

@YingYang: Tarrus is indeed one of the best right now. Censorship is a necessary evil, to ensure we at lest keep the airwaves relatively safe for the impressionable in society. As for daggerin, its just too dangerous.