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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is It Pointless?

So I've been doing some thinking lately, and one of my thoughts had to do with my obsession with attaining my dream body. Yes, you all know what I want, well defined chest, killer arms like guns, a well sculpted body overall and of course abs of steel! I will admit that I don't go to the gym for only that vain reason, or to look at hot well shaped and tones chicks scantily clothed sweat or to hook up with them. I do go to stay healthy, to keep my body in prime functional mode, prevent myself from being overweight and suffering from several related diseases and to relieve stress especially after work! But all that shit is secondary right now, I want to look freaking hot! I want to be so hot that when the women see me the rip off their clothes and stare in awe as the feel the temperature rise through their bodies! Yeah that kinda hot!

But then I think to myself, all this vain goal, is just a striving after the wind, a useless struggle, a pointless en devour. Why? Old age, yeah that inevitable fact of life that none of us can escape. The thing is, all this working out and exercise is slowly changing my body, and I emphasize on slowly. So I figure at this rate I'll have something close to my dream body in a few years...a few years older. When i do get something close to my dream body, how long will it last? I'm still going to get old, my metabolism is going to slow down and the belly will return with a vengence! All this firm hard muscles adorned with taunt smooth skin will soon bow to old age and be replaced by weak muscles entangled in shriveled, wrinkled skin. The gray hairs will overwhelm my dark shiny hair of youth and the entire body will begin to weaken. So why should I even bother to torture myself by dieting and exercising to get that hot body, if only to loose it to the ravages of old age in a few years? Doesn't it seem just pointless? Maybe I should just quit and be satisfied with how my body looks and find something else to do with my time.

So why do I continue this painful routine, pack my bag at least three times a week, run on the treadmill, pump, lift and curl several pounds of weights till my arms fall in fatigue, do several crunches till my muscles cry out in pain? Because I still want than damn good ass body! If it's even for one day, to take one photo of myself with that hot get gal body so I can look back in my days of gray hair, wrinkles and arthritis, and say "I used to look like that! Hot nuh rass!" So until I get that body, those killer arms with bulging biceps and triceps, broad muscular chest, strong shoulders, powerful legs and thighs, and abs of steel, sweat will poor like rain, cries of pain inflicted by sour muscles will echo, the clinging of weights will ring out and the intermittent thud of feet hitting a hard surface with punctuate the constant run of the treadmill's motor. Why? Because I want it bad, even if I get old doing it.

11 commented:

why do they call arm muscles guns?

my body was crap from the get-go.. I just exercise every now and then(more then) to stay healthy :D

Women like money too, Stunner. If you earn lots, you can buy plenty gal! You could gave a get gyal wallet! That will last you into old age too, as long as you avoid the dreaded HIV.

That should have been 'You could have a get gyal wallet", of course...

I have no idea Adrian! I have always hear them call them guns.

MB, I guess I am working for the dream body just for my own gratification, because I've seen the ugliest, fattest, outa shape men get some of the sexiest honies I've ever seen due to the power of the "get gyal wallet"!

because of my pedestrian life style my entire day is cardio.. i am scared to measure the distance i walk on a daily basis.. but yeh.. lots a walking and i play badminton on weekends now so there's more physical activity in th emix.

Gwaan Stunner enjoy it whil eit lasts.Us females will

Hey Stunner, arms are usually the first noticed and the most respected aspect of the physique. Not only do they project power,but they define the remainder of your physique. Then the rest of the physique seems to follow suit and fall in place. It's like creating a piece of art. Working one part at a time to achieve maximum results. Good luck to you man. It's plenty rewarding for sure!

all I have to say is Jack Lalanne . That man is not run-down and he is like 9200.

Sigh, its definately an odd thing, working out which is supposed to relieve my stress, gets me more stressed because I don't really want to do it.

And the very moment you stop working out, you tend to put it back on....its all so unfair...

Chicks aren't into that anymore. Check my latest post.

Haaaaaaaaaaaahaha, oh lord Stunner, you poor thing. What to do, what to do, eh?