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Friday, April 06, 2007

No Glasses!

I'm afraid I'm suffering from a little blogger's block! So here is a little video for your enjoyment! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

8 commented:

sign me up! Ugly men try harder.

Sorry you have to work....mine been pretty relaxing thus far, but on call Monday.

BTW, me post a likke suppem, nutten like the last one doh! LOL!

no glasses lol..

lol I can relate to this one :p
when im out with a girl who I know needs her glasses but for looks leaves them at home I am a little bit more at ease coz she wont realize I'm not so cute as she thought..

hmm apparently I have issues. :(

Can't see it, but I'm sure it's funny.

okay Stunner
the holiday weekend is over
can you please tell me who this genius of comedy is?