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Friday, March 30, 2007

Recap Time

Forgive me fellow bloggers, it has been a week since my last post...heh, heh, heh, sounds almost like a Catholic confession. I know I have been scarce for some time now, yes the pressures of school and work are getting the better of me. I hardly have time to scratch my head and when I do get time I am not really in the mood to blog, I feel so tired and brain dead.

The Hell...I mean...School Scene
I had my mid-semester exam last Thursday, I' m surprised that I actually felt like I pass the exam with a decent grade. I hope my feelings become a reality! Why am I so surprised? Well this is the subject I feel the 'dunces', if there is such a word. Up to two days before this exam I had not a clue of what I was doing or how to approach a problem. It is surprising what one can learn in two days when ones ass is under fire! Now I just need to finish up some assignments and start beating it for finals. Final exams, are just three weeks away, so I have to get some serious work done! Just a couple assignments, exams and major project stands between me and freedom!

I finally took some time out to go see the movie 300. I must say I feel satisfied spending the money for the movie tickets and refreshments! The movie was great! Despite the slow start, it certainly picked up and gave a raw, action-filled, blood-letting, limb-severing performance! I couldn't afford to watch a movie like this on a bootleg CD (not saying I watch bootleg CDs) on my small screen! A movie like this is best seen on a large cinema screen with surround sound and a nice female cringing on your arm! On another note those Spartans motivate me to head to the gym, I want to look like them! If yuh nuh watch it yet yuh missing something! [Stunner's Rating: 4.5 out of 5]

Oh Snap!
I have been snapping away with my camera and I have consistent in posting photos to my photoblog, and have posted almost 30 photographs so far. I hope to get a tripod too so I can take better photos in low light. You all can check it out and see what my camera and I have been up to. I have also noticed that another photographer by the name of Scratchie has created his photoblog and has been posting some great pictures too.

Anyway, this is just a quick line, can't tarry too long I have some blogs to read!

11 commented:

photoblogs, photoblogs, photoblogs :|

Mid terms..sigh...I just did one and I have no clue what grade I got.

gtCho my yute, jus need to confess. If anything me need fe seh nuhh 'Our Fada' and 'Hail Mary' cause me well infrequent. (Glad seh you did like the likkle story weh me post still...)

I took a photo of s sunset Friday gone, if I muster up the energy I will post it.

Have a nice weekend, get some lass to spend some time wid you, man will fell more energetic! ;-)

Ain't seen 300 yet... guess I will have to buy one of those big flat screens with surround sound to do it justice...

LOL @ Owen

I'm sure you passed. School is so rough especially when you have to work also. Hang in there girl!

Thanks Dr. D, and yes that post was good star! Looking forward to seeing the photo. A lass or two would do me well!

Yes MB, I think I saw "big screen" as one of the requirements for watching the movie! lol. But you you go see it, it's good.

Damn it! I can't believe I haven't seen 300 yet. And it's downright an insult to the great Frank Miller that I haven't checked it out on top of that. Got to see it before it leaves the theatres. I will not forgive myself. Good looking out Stunner. Good luck on your mid-terms too.

I saw the movie 300 at home this weekend and I don't know, I felt something was missing. The graphics were great, just the storyline was a bit weak in my opinion

ON 300
Yes. I agree 100 per cent. It's totally not worth seeing on a small screen. That's why I had to rush to the theater. Worth every minute and the gore was beautiful. I usually hate bloody movies but I loved this one.

re It is surprising what one can learn in two days when ones ass is under fire!
yes, sometimes you just need the right motivation.

School sucks. Work succks. But life is beautiful as shown in your photos.

You do Luke! The big screen is the only way to see it.

Lyrically Speaking, I think the story line wasn't bad to me, then again I went there for the action!

I totally agree GC, that the big screen is the best way to see the movie! Re, the test, you are so right! lol

They both suck Brea! lol! Thanks for the photo comment I'm glad you like them.

limb-severing. That's just the kind of movie I love!