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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Not much to blog about, the same ol' unexciting tings happening in my life at this point. this is primarily due to the confinement I put myself into when I foolishly decided to go back to school. I'm so pressed for time, I still feel dunce, and nothing at school seems to be going well at all! I can't wait to finish this hell and pass everything with good grades so I can close that horrid, boring, stressful chapter in my life.

Speaking of school, I hope Leon doesn't mind this, but I saw Leon at school today and I must say I don't understand how that young man learns anything at school. The yute have some breed a hot gal inna him class deh! Lawd a mercy! The girls in his class look hot nuh ra..! As a result I am currently in earnest dialogue with the lecturer to allow me to join the class on a part-time basis (or even permanently!).

The first match in the historic, well for the Caribbean, ICC World Cup bowled off to a fine start and the West Indies team did not disappoint their fans (wah a guh done!) by beating Pakistan at the Sabina Park. I must say the Sabina Park doesn't look too bad on TV, well that's as close as I'll get to seeing the refurbished sporting facility. But the Local Organizing Committee, dubbed the LOC, didn't do a bad job of getting thing ready for the event. So much so that they actually got a thumbs up with only a few criticism from the Major of Kingston and St. Andrew, Major Desmond McKenzie, suh yuh know dem do a good job!

I have been keeping up my new photoblog and have posted consistently everyday since I posted my first picture. I have had a lot of motivation to continue by the wonderful comments that are left on my blog and also by Owen who threatened to call me "MadStunner" if I failed like the Mad Bull at my attempt to post a photo everyday. I doubt I'll run out of pictures as I take so many photos on a daily basis. The only problem is to choose which one to post! I have posted what i think is my best photograph so far, you can view it by clicking here.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll try to find out what's being going on in your neck of the woods buy visiting your blogs.

17 commented:

Leff Leon and he hot gal dem nah.Real pleasant surprise that Windies win so convincingly

There are hot gals at school...where? where? All of them too young for me...dwl. I've been checking out your photo site. Pretty good.

ohh the hot girls of university.. mmm mmm mmm mmm good.. giggidy.

I wonder if I can enrol in that course too :D

Checked out your photoblog. Yu a gwarn good my yute!
In fact you have inspired me to get one going too!

Hiya Stunner. its been awhile, just passing to say hi. I see you are still a hot blooded young Jamaican man. :) See if Leon will swap with u..tho I am sure u not supposed to pick coursed based on the number of hot girls present!
Good luck.

You coveting Leon's classmates, Stunner? Wha' you doing peeping in he class, anyway?

I'm sure Leon won't mind, Kami, the has enough to share.

LOL @ Scracthie, I know, some are even too young for me. Thanks for checking out my site and the complement.

Yes nuff hot girl @ Utech Adrian.

Thanks MB.

Thanks De Immigrant, I am glad I have inspired you to start a thing, send on the link.

Hey Island Spice, it has been a while! thanks for dropping in. I'm sure Leon's class has enough room for me. Hmmm, at least if I chose a class based on the number of hot girls I won't be bored. LOL!

Afroditee, is class is next to mine on that day, so i couldn't help "over-seeing" all the wonderful girls therein.

Stunner. Can't believe it was you. I honestly didn't pick it up. Yup, got some hot chicks in my class. Don't know who the hell to put a chat to.

Dayum... I want to go back to school now. Shame on you for doing this to me Stunner.

LOL, Leon, I had an idea you didn't really recognize me. But fo real you have some sweet girls in that class. hook a brother up!

Sorry, Luke Cage, but i just had to let it out, right now I'm having second thoughts about leaving school.

Utech...Hot girls? Wow, the times really are a changing. (Sorry, I'm a UWI grad, had to drop that )

Seriously though, its kinda funny how you hate the place but love it at the same time. Life eh?

Leon - what a happy fella he must be - send some over here nuh?

School is sooooo stressful! But like the old saying says, nothing worth having is easy.

girls are probably the only thing i miss about school, I know, at one point the UWI girls were hotter, but since I went back to school it seems Utech giving the UWI girl some competition!

LOL, Ri, I can only imagine how happy he is. I'm sure he looks forward to school everyday.

So true Brea!

I know I'm going to miss than when I leave next month!

lol. Stunner you make me laugh, you're something else. Still grinning over that comment you made over at Dr. D re the crasses gyal that wanted to hook him.

To be honest though, I really haven't heard Leon complaining about school.