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Friday, March 23, 2007

Live Red?

I have noticed how Red Stripe the great Jamaican Beer Company has become responsible, and are now encouraging people to "be responsible, drink responsible". I do applaud them for encouraging responsible drinking in their ads, but I'm a but confused. Why? Well Red Stripe has embarked on a new marketing campaign with the slogan "Live Red". Well you may think of it as a great idea, since the colours of the Red Stripe include red it is fitting to have that tag line. Well I can see a different side of this slogan.

In Jamaica a popular slang for someone who is under the influence or drunk, is nothing other than "red"! "Yuh did red a di session last night mi yute." and "Yow yuh look red mi yute." are two example of the word red being used to describe someone who has had a little much...or too much to drink. So could Red Stripe be subliminally telling people to enjoy themselves by drinking large quantities of their product? Are they trying to encourage the lifestyle of drinking beer till you are drunk (red) when you go out?

If this is so, how can they be encouraging people to drink responsibly but at the same time encouraging people to live "red"? Isn't this being hypocritical? Is it just a front, or to sedate their conscience for telling people to get drunk drinking beer, by telling us to drink responsibly?

Well, they may just be using this slogan to promote their beer out of innocence as the colour red is used on their product. Maybe, but isn't the spin I took on this promotion though provoking? Maybe?

14 commented:

I did wonder about that live red slogan.. I believe it is just their marketing team doing a good job on their aggressive campaign which they started to capture back the local market.

I think them telling people to drink responsibly is just them doing their due diligence mitigating future problems.

Them nuh play with the marketing thing tho.. man dem paypeople to paint them place red.. lol.. deep.. but I need a link to someone in that.. cuase i'ld theme my site with restripe for a week and advertise for em if the money is good enough. no joke yow

On thing for sure Adrian and Taylor, i would love to get me two of those red stripe girls, then I definitely will be living red!

Wow, I had no idea. Maybe they're targeting the American market who won't make the connection. Jamacian American, too?

"Live Red" is not really an exciting slogan, IMHO. I think that they have done nothing but horses_it in terms of marketing ever since they sold out the brand to foreigners.

immediately I started thinking of the Gap Ad campaign. I'm sure there's no connection.

Why do they need to advertise though? Red stripe speaks for itself. Every American I know who has tried it says, "Wow, it's smooth!"

Maybe it's responsible to live red.

Stunner the conspiracy theorist...tee hee...

I dont think that anything is an accident when it comes to marketing. They bloody well know what they are doing.

Agree with Afro..Doubt they would make an error...subtle marketing

They're having their cake and eating it too. They're encouraging people to drink more liquor, and when something bad happens, they can say "well, we told you to be responsible."

whoops! maybe they made a mistake

It could well be a pun on words...but I agree with the Bull...Red Stripe's adverts have become pretty lame in the last 5-6 years!

Actually Living Red actually means to live with your eyes red i.e. smoke more ganja. So in essence what Red Stripe is actually doing is campaigning for the legalization (or atleast decriminalization) of marijuana. It's subliminal alright.
[Red Stripe's Marketing Manager is a herb smoker man. NO DOUBT!]

dats my ten cents...

The ads have been mediocre to poor in my opinion. U figure they are playing on words but them still not grabbing me.