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Friday, March 09, 2007

My New Dream Car - 2006 Euro Accord!

This is absolutely my new dream car, the 2006 Euro Accord! I just love the look of this car! It has all the features of the ordinary 2006 Accord, but with a better design. You can read one of the reviews here. I need to have this car. So I'm now accepting donations to the Get Stunner His Dream Car Fund.
I took a look in todays Star and say this headline, "Razr for gay favour"! This homosexuallity thing is really getting worse in Jamaica! It seems a man and a youth was caught in a bathroom in a compramising position and according to the article the teen was working for his Razr. What has sweet seet Jamaica come to!

On another note, you may recall my last post regarding my new photoblog, well I have managed to post a new photograph every day so far! I have been inspired by the feats of the Mad Bull who embarked on a drive to post a photo in his blogs every day. And since I enjoy photography so much and have several photos in my stock pile, cause di one Stunner takes on average two photographs per day, why not post them! So you can check out my collection so far.
Have a wonderful weekend people!

16 commented:

Hope that you get a more snazzy clour for the dream car. Fire engine red, perhaps?

Will check ou the pcs, and audit your new feat of camera magic.

BTW - I wired some money for the new car, but the wire bounched...sowwy...

car money? bredren i wud like to help but my pockets on e.

Nice car, I would never spend my hard earned money on one though.. I'd stick to my value added civic :p

we'll see how long you last or we have to go start call you "MadStunner"

You deserve it Hun!!!!

go for it!

I have not lived up to this recently! I hope that I will be inspired to shoot some pictures tomorrow.

I drive the 1999 version to this, by the way!

Oh no Afroditee, no red for me, black or dark blue are my choices. I'll have to check the fund account.

Thanks Jdid.

I wanted the new civic (06), Adrian, but this loos better to me now!

I hope I waon't be called that name, but I'm making the effor to be that regular.

Thanks Deirdre!

You have reached too far to give up, MB, get back on track! How is the 99 model? I don't recall what it looks like.

Mek a with Afro on the fire engine red:)

Re the Razr story...The things people would do for material things.

I'm very happy with my '03 2.4 VTEC Accord engine. It suweet.

I believe that is labeled the Acura TL here in the States. It is indeed a sweet car!

too bad you can't live in it

Real nice! When I first saw it, I didn't think it was an Accord.

I love your taste in vehicles man! Just looking cool up in that car out there on the lovely isle of Jamaica... mannn, you got the look of luxury on lock. Now, just make it happen.

I LOVE your photo site!