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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oh My, Not Just Another Sweet Eye-Candy!

Hail up all in Blogsville! I have been on the busy side and will continue to be busy as a bee until the end of the first week of May. Lawd I can't wait for that time! Can you say vacation, party and nuff idleness! But until then I am under the stress of assignments, classes in which I'm not learning sh.., major project and the threat of failure. So the struggle continues.

On the hoe (correction: that should have been home - thanks Dr.D) hunting front, I am still searching to find a comfy place that I can call home for at least two years, I man tired a this hunting and moving thing. So I'm still in the stress of the hunt. hopefully I'll find somewhere really tomorrow!

Until then I'll have to stay strong and ease my mind by drooling, uh....I mean admiring this extremely sexy female! All the curves and lady lumps in ample proportion and all in the right places, just the way I like it! Coca-Cola Bottle Shape! Lawd have mercy! Ms. Bria Miles certainly got it good!

I'll try to browse through your blogs during the week when I have the time. Anyway, likkle more peeps!

17 commented:

Still aint found a place yet?

Try find a friend for a roomate and start looking at 2 bedroom places :D

I not sure how the roomate and splitting bills thing would work out though but it seems like a fun idea in my head.

OoOoOoOo!!!!! sure is smooooth!!

Think I read '.....on the hoe hunting scene....' I doh check seh is dat you wanted to type still...

Anyway, hope you find a resting place sommer than later.

And YEAH, YEAH, YEAAAAAAH! Re dah body deh! Arite, mek me cool down!

That should be sooner...guess I was distracted by the curves....

Adrian, I have had roommates before when I was on dorm. It's fun at times, but at this point in my life I don't want a roommate unless it's that girl in the picture :)

Thanks, Bakannal. and I'm glad you like the pic, lol!

Thanks for the correction Dr. D, I don't want to send out the wrong message, especially with that pic on the post! Yes dem be some serious, enticing curves!

Just stopping by to wish you well...

jah know.. hush.. thought you'ld find somewhere by now. also that girl need to link me. I needs her.

Yuh neva kno the girl may be looking for a roomie:)

Cho! Pshaw. Can't even seh nuttin 'bout the half dressed gyal. Cho!

On another note, I will be passing through Jam next month for Carnival. Wanna link?

Damn. That's one fine woman!

Good to see you Princes!!!

Thanks, Taylor, it's hard to find a decent place.

Oh how I would love to be her roommie Kami!

You know I would love to link Afroditee, just sen on the info!

I totally agree with that Leon!!

Rahtid... thought I had posted a comment on the hottie already. She is special, Mr. Stunner. Good luck finding your new digs.