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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Still alive...thank God!
Still working my ass off to make a living...figuratively not literally!!!
Still under some serious pressure from school...feeling like I'm going crazy!
Still searching for a place to live...why the *!(*#%$^# it suh hard to find a decent place that I can afford?
Still trying to figure out what I am doing with my it just me?
Still attempting to cope with the daily struggles of life...why do they seem more everyday?
Still going to be scarce for the next three months...can't wait to get back to blogging.
Still have to drop a line or two on the blog...what can I say I'm an addict!
Still...tek care till mi pass thru again!

10 commented:

Still, a nuh you one busy rude bwoy.

Good to hear a shout from you still!

seems like all teh bloggers going through something that keeping em away from their blogs at the moment.. strange.. strange indeed.

Hmm. And people think I'm busy. Stay strong bro.

re why the *!(*#%$^# it suh hard to find a decent place that I can afford?
Well, Stunner, I hate to say it, but maybe you need to lower your standards.

still alive is the most important one..Glad to hear you

Good to hear from you Stunner. Everybody seems to be scarce at this time. Hope the hunt for living space goes well.

You find a new place yet?

Jus a pass chru....I actually put a few words down on my site.....

Actually, not everybody scarce. I may not have posted everyday in the last two weeks, but me dehya pon de regular still, and the bredrin Adrian seems sorta consistent now. Owen is consistent on a weekly level. Abeni also, at least 1 - 3 a week.

The rest of you need to pull your socks up though, fi real! :)