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Saturday, February 03, 2007


You may be wondering what I'm searching for, well I am looking for a new place to call home...again. How di one Stunner can move suh? Well as I explained, when I found the place that I am that I am not all that comfortable with it. I now feel that I have exceeded my tolerance level and it's time to find somewhere I can be comfortable, relatively, and call home until I can afford to sacrifice and buy my own. Or at least for the next two years.

So the process starts all over again, buying The Gleaner, sifting through the classifieds, tyring to find somewhere affordable in a good area with the conveniences I need, making several calls to prospective landlords, finding and inspecting the place, then doing it all over again until I find somewhere. Lawd, what a whole heap a work! Then when I do find a place I will have to start with the cleaning, the packing, the moving, the change of address stuff, utilities transfer, unpacking...Aahh! I hate all of this. But it is necessary to find some level of comfort and peace of mind. So I'm searching once again.

School is still stressing me out, especially major Project. The assignments keep pooring in, but it's the Major Project that has be really concerned. I'm still not getting the school vibes to do any form of work at all as yet, but I need to start doing some serious work. I am too far now to fail. Anyway peeps, take care till I drop a line again.

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but at least by moving so many times, you are getting the hang of only keeping only what is essential.

i asked you what you studying. care to enlighten us?

moving again?? reminds meof my days in school. oh man i despise moving. best of luck finding a really good place

Major Project? What course you doing, Stunner?

Yamfoot, I did post a comment on the last post with an answer. But since you and MB are curious. I am doing a BEng in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Telecommunications. But I think I want to switch discipline after I get the degree. Go into the business field or pursue one of my loves: website designing and/or graphic designing.

Unfortunately Jdid, I am. I too despise it, very much.

Sorry to learn that you doh feel happy to flex inna your boxers at the present place.

I been resident at this address for upwards of 30 yrs...the thought of a move is like a nightmare to me!

Poor you. Nothing worse than moving and you always lose something in the moves.

Good luck finding a new place.

Lawd. I remember the last moving saga, and I hope this one will be much easier for you.

In New York, they also check the obituaries for available rentals. Maybe you should peruse the obits in the Gleaner, to help you with your search ; )

I hate moving. Best of luck finding a new place.

The apartment hunt!

look at the positives, you may find somewhere better/cheaper!

The last time I changed apartments I got somewhere bigger for less :) the only thing missing from this place are the young female neighbours to fool around with.

Always on the move. Good luck.

You find a new place to call yard yet?