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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Got A Place, Moving Time Again

The hunt is finally over...for now. I finally got a place after the seemingly endless and stressful search for a place to rent. It's not all what I wanted or expected, but it isn't too bad I guess. It should be able to hold me, at least till I finish school. I am so tired it nuh funny, apart from working several shifts over the weekend which forced me to go to bed late and wake early, I had to find myself on the phone early this morning to call places I had selected in the gleaner the night before and then head out to look at them. But that part is over now, here comes the other hard part...moving!

I need to move as soon as possible to ensure that I get settled in to prepare myself for exams in a few weeks. I absolutely hate moving, the packing, the unpacking, the cleaning, the arranging, aaahh! Just the thought of it makes me tired and depressed. I have so many other things to do, send out my change of address letters, change my phone line...which means no land phone and worse no Internet! I also have an assignment and two labs to complete, one of which is due on Thursday and I'm not even half way through. Poor me, I don't know how I'm going to manage the next two weeks.

As a result of these time consuming activities I will be somewhat absent on the blog scene for a while until I sort things out. Later...

15 commented:

well, we'll see you then. but congratulations. Hope your new place has good vibes.

Congrat! Congrats! Congrats mannnn! I know you are happy and that that ordeal is over with. Moving is the pits. I just moved into my house a year ago, and when I look at all of the stuff here, I can't believe we managed to move all of this stuff. Incredible!

Congrats on the new place!!! Throw a raunchy housewarming party after the exams are over!

God luck and happy studying!!!

enjoy the move or well i gues i should say try and survive it. i really hate moving myself

Have fun moving. I'm glad you finally got somewhere, but I'll miss your posts about the ordeals you go through.

Great news! Ever noticed when moving something always get lost?

Hope you sekkle een arite. When you all set, invite a lass over for a housewarming party! ;-)

All right... house party... I'll bring.. the peanuts!

I hate moving.

Glad that you found a place. Maybe you should put off the actual move until after the exams. Can't you get your phone line transfered?

Good luck with the unpacking....hope u settle in quickly to your new place!


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Glad you found a place. Hope you get the internet hookup quick.

Glad you found a new place. Good luck with the exams. I'm dealing with that in a few weeks too.

You found a place. Great! You definitely don't want that uncertainty over your head when you have exams. Now you can settle and beat the books.

Praise be to God. U finally found a place -- even if it's not yet your dream-place.