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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Brrrr!!!! It Cold Nuh B....!

Brrrr!!! Whoi it cold nuh bitch! That's what a lot of Jamaicans, myself included, said when they woke up this morning to extremely cold conditions (by Tropical standards) coupled with strung gusty winds. It seems the weather people were right about this one, cause it definitely is a cold front! (No not mine, it pretty warm right now! Fasty!)

The drop in temperature started from yesterday evening, and the wind didn't waste any time joining in the fun as it was right there with the drop in temperature. I even managed to wash and hung my clothes to dry last night and within a couple of hours they were dry, thanks to the strong breeze! But last night was nothing compared to this morning when the temperature really plummeted and the winds picked up. Trust mi, I man found it hard fi get up from unda that sheet this morning! Even with the three alarms I set the night before to ensure I got up.

It's times like these make me happy to know I have hot water, so in the shower I went. Then I armed myself to face the elements, straight undershirt today, no merino (A-shirt), and at last for the first time since the year started my sweater came out of the drawer! On the road, had the tell-tale signs of the cold front, everyone seemed to be putting on some protection from the weather, some were in jackets, windbreakers, sweaters and long sleeved shirts were the fashion of the day.

The day has gotten a bit warmer now, but it's still windy and overcast and my office is extra cold right about now. But I don't mind the cold temperature, at least I can keep warm, it's not as miserable and expensive here in the tropics as when it is hot. The forecast is for the weather to continue until the weekend, so the sweaters will be rejoicing that they finally get a chance to get out of the drawer.

No Internet yet, I will be getting it soon though...hopefully and I have exam in two weeks so I will still be laying low in Blogsville for a while. Until then I might not get to comment on much blogs or post much. Thank God for "copy and paste", else I wouldn't be able to drop a post since I only have access to the net at work. Till dem tme deh likkle more. Brrrrrr!!!

14 commented:

Yes, it chilly and windly nuh ra$$ my yute. First in ages that I at mi yard in a T-shirt.

Mash down de exams.

it cold fi true but i was still in my shorts and tank top! The little man however was fully clad in socks, hat, mittens and extra thick blanket.

Man it was awful! It was so cold I didn't even need my fan. The wind blew down some tree branches in my yard and there was a powercut.

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Cayman cold too.. We had a low of 64 last nite, according to the weather ppl. Nice weather, nice change from Massa Sun. Come weekend I am looking for the normal weather though, I feel like go beach.

Better cold than hot.Aug I was dying with heat in JA.I'd take the cold any day

Abeni, I'm with you. I love the cold and prefer it to the heat any day. Can you imagine me pregnant in that heat???? It was miserable!! I'm loving the chills. Love it!!

Cho! I had the day off, and was planning a wondeful beach day wher I was gonna laze about like a tourist! Instead, I had to bundle up like an eskimo and wrap up in blankes at home all day. Curses!

I wonder what, onna consider cold over there... I know in Bim.. my fam complains when the temps hit the 70's... which is like spring for us here in the states, you too spoiled.

if you still just using ONE sheet, ya good.


bk babe

yeah it was cold and windy, so times I look out and wonder if it was a hurricane or something.

well at least now Jamaican ppl have a excuse to wear those stoosh $500 furry boots they were sweating in last summer

cool is nice for a change - but am glad that the sun is back out today. I am a hot girl rather than a cold girl!

Bottle up some of it for when July comes around again . . .