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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hot Wuk (a.k.a. Hot F**k)!!!

Hot Wuk, also known as Hot F**k, is the latest of the raunchy dances storming the clubs, dances and on the television. This new dance came out just on the heels of Dutty Wine, and like its predecessor it has gained a lot of popularity on the Jamaican scene. I recall CD (CoolDesiny) asking me about the Hot F**k and Dr. D being amazed that there was a dance out there by that name. So I decided to give you this one to practice over the weekend, hehehe. Hot Wuk (a.k.a. Hot F**k), like Dutty Wine is a gender specific dance, for the females. Dat mean seh nuh man nuffi do it! The dance is supposed to mimic a girl receiving rough sex...let me know what you think of that! Well enough of the long chatting, here is the dance.

Enjoy your weekend!

15 commented:

sorry, dat dance not saying one.
wheel and come again.

Mad Bull says:
Blood claat! Di gyal in di second video frightening! A one "bruck buddy" gal dat! says:
Mad Bull says:

Hehehe, am familiar with the dance from the video, didn't knw that was the name. I prefer the first girl, second one look too wild.

What will they think of next?

the 1st one is better but I don't think they doing it good still.

The honey in the first vid looked like she was in alot of pain with the grimey sex face, but she symbolized what the name of the song was with her look.

I liked the sista in the second video though. She gave me a.. well, I liked the sista in the second video.. lol

oh my! i'm going to like watching this dance i think :-)

Lawd'amercy. I am scared to think of what they will come up with next. All these dances seem to be gender specific to females...

Lawd. Dem gyal made of rubber to rass.

Found it comical.Prefer the dutty wine

I'm with gela
where will it end?
what else is there
to do? I'm just waiting
for the Puritan backlash

They just won't stop will they? Is there no end to the raunch?

oh geeeeeeeeed!
my eyes!! my eyes!! aarrrggghhh!!

Trust me, you will never catch me doing that--on the dancefloor

And de next dance in line is de "giving birth" . . . sheesh.

A Jooooke! I agree wit Melody bout de trend of de dances dat been comin out. Dutty Wine leadin to Hot Fuk to de soon to be popular Givin Birth lmao