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Monday, November 27, 2006

Yumm Coffee

It's exam time again here in Jamaica and a lot of university students are currently burning the midnight oil studying. And that means a lot of persons will be consuming my favorite morning pick-me-upper hot beverage, coffee! Yes a lot of students including myself will be indulging in the flavour, aroma and stimulus of the brewed coffee bean for that little extra perk it gives the brain as they burn the midnight oil. Most of us don't take the time to brew coffee in a coffee maker, especially while out studying with the group, or shooting out early in the morning for work. So we opt for the next best thing, instant coffee. As everyone knows, the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is the best coffee in the world! Maybe that's why I love it so much. As a Jamaican I consume a lot of instant Jamaican coffee, and I have sampled several of the instant coffees sold locally. So let me let you in on the Stunner's Jamaican Instant Coffee Ratings!

Stunner's Jamaican Instant Coffee Ratings (starting from highest rated):

  1. Jamaica High Mountain Instant Coffee

  2. Country Traders Instant Coffee

  3. Jablum Instant Coffee

  4. Salada Jamaica Blue Mountain Instant Coffee

What's your top favorite instant brews?

PS: I also posted a new pic on Exotic Fotos, check it out!

14 commented:

I nuh deal inna coffee at all my yute...strictly tea...preferably Earl Grey!

LOL Stunner.. Cool azz rating system you've got for the java of your choice man. I'm not a coffee drinker per se', but I will definitely admit a weakness for some of the sweet fragrances that come from a few flavors. They almost make me want to pick up a cup and grab a sip or two...

I am a coffee lover, and yes JA's Blue Mountain ranks up there amongst the rest. But my motto is, if you gonna have a vice do the real thing and not instant...keep the coffee fresh in the freezer, and buy a grinder

Stunner.. just because you are a student don't mean you have to settle for instant!! I'm with Campfyah. Drink the real thing my dear. Do you know how lucky u are to live in the land of the best coffee EVER! :)
Pass those exams and maybe we hook you up with a perculator for Christmas. ;)
ps. I'm a tea drinker like Doc, but I love the smell of brewing coffee.. need a java fueled man. :)

Not a coffee guy myself. Love Jablum though.

Oh yes Dr. D, I bet if in looked in the dictionary I'll see your name beside Earl Grey, lol.

Yes Luke Cage, the aroma of coffee is so irresistible.

Don't worry Campfyah and Island Spice, I have my packets of grounded coffee and my percolator, I just use the instant coffee due to convenience and in the interest of time. So I do get to savour the falvour and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Jablum coffee is nice too Leon. But I haven't tried their coffee drink yet.

i started drinking coffee more often when I discovered that Salada did instant in individual one serving packets. what would happen before tha tdiscovery, is tha twe would open a bottle of coffee and it would get hard.

only when my brother comes, would he drink it. but i always liked the flavour and these days in my sleep deprived state, i drink one cup almost every morning.

i prefer Salada.! Nasty stuff.

Personally, I'm a hot chocolate/cocoa kinda girl. But when I drink coffee, it's strictly Mountain Peak. Jablum is a close 2nd.

at work we grind our own beans and brew fresh coffee everyday
my boss's father roasts coffee as a hobby and sends him packages from home. I've learned to take my coffee very seriously though I cannot yet take it black.

Love Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Jablum is the best. Buy it online at cheap prices and straight from yard. They even provide a tracking number.

Catovit and Yeastvites were the keep-me-awake substance of choice when I was in University.

Other students swear by them but they had the opposite effect on me. Coffee makes me nervous and jittery so I don't indulge too much even though I like it.

Oh yes, I do like all the frappucine, cappucino thingies.

Yamfoot those individual packets come in so handy at times.

LOL @ Afroditee.

I love chocolate to CD, but have you ever tried mixing coffee and chocolate with nuff milk and some creamer? Delicious!

GC, I need to come work at you office! I don't drink it black either.

Oh yes Gela, those coffee mixes are great!