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Saturday, December 02, 2006

AIDS/HIV A World Killer

I should have posted this from yesterday, but I still don't have my Internet.

December 1 is marked my the countries of the world as World AIDS day. This disease has scared the faces of many countries and the lives of many, young, old, rich, poor, gay and straight. It does not discriminate against race or class.

AIDS/HIV has claimed hundreds of millions of lives since then and still continues in an alarming rate as it spreads exponentially, especially among the poor and developing world. with all the extensive research scientists have still not come up with a cure for the fatal disease.

What can we personally do to curb this insatiable deadly disease? Well, I guess I will just reiterate the most common suggestions:

A - Abstinence is the safest prevention if you don't have one faithful, uninfected partner
I - Infidelity should be avoided, especially if its unprotected.
D - Discrimination and Drug Abuse should not be practiced
S -Safe sex should be practiced by all.

H - Help to prevent the disease by doing your part to educate and protect yourself and others.
I - Information about prevention is essential to stop the disease.
V - Volunteer what you can, time or money, to stop the disease and care for those suffering.

However, there might be a breakthrough in stopping this pandemic, the AIDS vaccine. After any years of research the scientist have developed a vaccine against this deadly virus and it is currently in the testing stage. Although it will not cure the estimated 65million living with the disease, it might bring an end to the disease in the generations to come. The question is: Would you volunteer to take the AIDS Vaccine? And why?

9 commented:

Tough question. I think I would take the vaccine depending on the side effects. Do vaccines ever go bad, like you get it but instead of your body fighting the virus you actually get the disease? For reasons like that I'd think twice. It depends on where I am in my life, etc. To be honest, I don't know :)

if I had aids that why wouldn't I? I'd probably be second in line behind the rats.

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Wonderful post on World AIDS Day. I've got something about it on my blog too.

Very edifyin' post. Considerin' there are also non-sexual and "non-junkie" means of transmission, de vaccine might make others less phobic of infected people -- and might make others safer, in general.

Just read your other posts -- congrats, Stunner, as U move toward your dream-place, one move at a time.

I would if it has been tested and found to be safe.Woud be great since we have vaccines for mumps,polio etc

Sorry, I would not volunteer for the vaccine. Only if I had a death-wish and planned on making lots of mistakes. If I were working in some kind of sex-related "industry" though, I might. As you pointed out--abstinence is the only 100% way.

If I was afflicted with the Aids Virus, yes I would try it. After all, it can't be worse than me having all ready attained AIDS in the first place right?