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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tagged!!! - 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

One down one to go. The exam didn't go as well as I wanted it to go, but I should pass...hopefully. Now I have to put out even more effort on the other one, as it's my only chance for an A this semester.

I was going to post something else this afternoon, but I noticed that, despite me being so careful to avoid it, I got tagged by Taylor. So here it goes, 5 things you don't know about me:

  • I have slight disorder when it comes to reading the papers; I have to start at the front, and read each consecutive section in the correct order and I can't lend anyone a piece of the paper if I haven't reached that section as yet. Do you think I'm crazy?
  • Despite my ranting and my seemingly outspoken personality displayed in my posts on my blog, I am rather shy and reclusive...until I get to know you better!
  • I would say, like Taylor said, I love my women thick, with thick thighs, big round, bubble- butt asses, and big breasts, but you all know that from the eye-candies I post on some of my weekend posts. So I'll tell you something you don't know, I love when a woman has pretty feet and they have to be well kept, nails all done up and stuff, no tips preferably; just small, neat, well shaped, beautiful, sexy feet.
  • I love to see women in heels, I find it so sexy! Especially in those heels that show the pretty feet and toes. (drooling just thinking about it)
  • I'm such a pastry junkie! I love pastry so much, all kind of pastry. I will eat off a whole box of donuts all at once, and don't mention Black Forrest Cake, Cheese Cake, Tortuga Rum Cake (I hope unuh reading this one MB and Ri, if unuh come back out yah without nuh Tortuga Rum Cake unuh might as well board back di plane!!!), Plantain Tarts, Danishes, Chocolate Chip cookies, cup cakes, oohlala! So to avoid getting fat and swelling up like a whale, I avoid pastry for the most part and only eat a small amount. I can only buy one donut or one slice of cake, not the whole box, else dat done inna one shot!

So that's 5 things you don't know about The Stunner, I hope it hasn't changed your impression of me as being a nice, well-behaved, young man...hehehe. Now to pass on the torch, Melody you have been tagged!!!

I have posted a new pic on Exoic Island Photos also. Enjoy your weekend, di I shall be studying.

13 commented:

Aye, Stunner, an' right after mi just post suppem else. Anyway, am in an unusually 'posty' mood today, so mi aggoh dweet now. No, U're not insane about de newspaper readin', am not fussy when it comes to readin' disordered sections, but mi noh like separate up de papers either.

I'm feeling points 3 and 4. Sounds like a true brotha who knows EXACTLY the finer things in life, especially when it comes to the ladies.. I loves me some of your eye-candies too. As a matter of fact.. .lemme go check 'em out now...

Hey.. about the newspaper.. I think you are my dad's outside child. Him stay said way! About the heels.. u told me that before :P Glad to get to know u a lil better.. will use pastry as a weapon if it ever becomes necessary.
Good luck with the exams..

Yeah, I believe the shyness.Remember when you showed up to the blog link up and kinda hung back until chatterbox me drew you out:)

I too am a pastry junkie ... Sorry, eat it any chance I get! After all, life is too short ain't it??

Wow. This tagging this is going all around the Caribbean blogosphere isn't it? I like those kinda women too. And don't worry Stunner. Everyone has their own quirks.

LOL @ Melody! Hush.

As they say, great minds think alike Luke.

LOL! And I was thinking I was the only one who does that. I totally forgot that I let out that likkle secret on your blog Island Spice.

LOL, yeah I guess I was a bit quiet when I just arrived at the linkup. But you did a good job.

I agree CD, you have to enjoy the special things in life, like pastry. But the side effects is enough to keep me in check.

Nothing can stop the mighty tagging Leon. Well well Leon, didn't know you were a thick lady man. We need to linkup at School and visit the Bus. Ad. girls.

wow.. this tagging thing is really large :-)

I am a food junkie in general too, put food infront of me and I will probably try to eat it off all in one go.

Hope the exams go well Stunner. Mine is on Thursday.

Great photo post! I miss Barbados. :(

Always bring the Tortuga, Stunny.

But I undertstand there is now a Tortuga Jamaica Rum Cake, basically the same ting.

Ohmigod, I thought I was the only person like that Stunner. I have to read the paper in the correct sequence! I hate when someone picks up the paper before me because I have to wait on them to finish with the entire thing. I can't stand the piecemeal business.

I hate it when someone picks it up before me too, cause I too will wait till they are finish. it's even worse when someone insits on borrowing a piece when I am already reading it...that's when the cussing starts.